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Whether you are cooking for your family or entertaining

by:KingKonree     2020-08-30

Luxury Worktops

Many designer kitchens have more than just one type of worktop, as several variations are used to suit separate kitchen tasks, cutting, cooking, serving, and eating, nowadays each task has its own specific space. The most expensive and favoured worktop material is granite, largely because of its robustness in relation to heat and scratches. It is durable, easy to clean and wonderful to look at. A great thing about Granite is that it is available in a wide range of natural colours, ready to accommodate to each individuals personal preference, which is why it is the preferred choice of material to use for worktops in many luxury kitchens.

Bespoke Cabinets

Although bespoke kitchen cabinets need to be designed with functionality in mind, there is no need for them to be limited by this. They can be just as attractive as any piece of fine furniture. They can be made of any type of wood with any kind of finish, and can include glass panels and fittings of any metal finish or style. They can be designed in any shape to accommodate the space in your kitchen.

Boys (and girls) Toys, gadgets and appliances, like temperature controlled wine racks and sub-zero fridges are now commonplace in luxury kitchens. Ever considered an indoor grill or a wood-burning pizza oven? How about a custom made space, designed specifically for all your cooking utensils? All of these are now viable options in modern designer kitchens. Kitchens that need to accommodate large families could also benefit from rubbish compactors, additional fridges or freezers.

Art is a delightfully decadent way to personalise any luxurious kitchen is to include an artistic touch, which is definitely not limited to the hallways or your living room. You could hire a mosaic expert to transform your tiling into a unique work of art. A stained-glass expert could make bespoke glass inserts for your kitchen cabinet doors, or maybe a metal smith could fashion some drawer and door handles, the options are endless.

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