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Which brand of cabinet countertop is good

by:KingKonree     2021-04-14

Different materials of the countertops of the cabinets have different characteristics, but in comparison, which brand is better for the countertops of the cabinets? Let's take a look together.

Which brand of cabinet countertop is good?

Shangpin Home Delivery Custom Cabinets

Shangpin Home Delivery was established in 2004 and its main features It is a one-stop whole house home furnishing solution provider, that is, whole house furniture customization. It is the top ten marketing leader of China's kitchen and bathroom industry. Shangpin’s custom cabinets have always been popular among consumers for their practicality, controllable size and novel styles.

Daxin Cabinet

is an enterprise specializing in the production, development and supply of household cabinets, kitchen appliances, sinks and hardware functional parts.

Haier Cabinets

Haier Cabinets, established in 1997, submitted the 'Integration of Kitchen and Electricity' to obtain the most authoritative technical achievements, which promoted the progress of the Chinese cabinet market and made Haier Cabinets Occupy a leading position in the kitchen industry.

Cobb Boloni

A Sino-Italian joint venture, the executive chairman unit of the Cabinet Committee, which combines the design styles of China and Italy. The style has both Italian fashion characteristics and Chinese traditional atmosphere, which is highly respected in the market.

Jiajule Cabinet

Located in Dongguan, Guangzhou, it is an enterprise specializing in the production of cabinets. The cabinets are novel in design and belong to the national participating unit. It is a product of China's environmental label certification.


Oupai cabinet is the first company to introduce the concept of European integrated kitchen to China. It is the leading brand of integrated cabinet and has a very high reputation in the industry. With its status and huge influence, it has become a representative of first-class cabinets, no matter in design or quality, it is impeccable, creating a fashionable and trendy kitchen space for users.


Only six or seven years since the establishment of Wole cabinet brand, it has leapt into the top ten cabinets in the country. In such a short period of time, it has achieved such brilliant performance. It has proved the excellence of WoLe cabinets, and it has won the favor of many consumers with its excellent quality and considerate service. Today, WoLe Cabinet is still developing and growing, and its strength should not be underestimated.


Zhibang Cabinet is a well-known cabinet enterprise in China. It integrates Ru0026D, production and sales. It has introduced German Halma professional production equipment, ranging from the overall design of the cabinet to the small The design and color of the cabinets are all required to be very delicate, and the quality is also strictly controlled to ensure that there will be no inferior products that will affect the brand image.

Nuoerli Cabinet

Nuoerli Cabinet is a brand of Ningbo Juzheng Kitchenware Co., Ltd., established in 1998, and has always been a high-end cabinet brand in China. In the country, it can be said to be known by the streets. Was rated as: China's famous brand, green household products, China's top ten cabinet brands, China's cabinet industry's most influential brand and many other honors.

Hanli Cabinet

As Asia’s largest cabinet industry center integrating design, Ru0026D, production, sales and supporting services, Hanli Cabinet has been focusing on The research and development of humanized, personalized and international cabinet products maintain close technical cooperation with professional institutions in Germany and South Korea, and product development is synchronized with the world. The quality of Hanli cabinets has reached the European E-1 level of green environmental protection, achieving the standards of odorless, moisture-proof and healthy. It integrates Korean minimalist design style, simple yet simple, and fully focuses on the practical function of the product, fresh, natural, and closer to life.

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