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Which cabinet countertop is good and how to choose cabinet countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-30

  The cabinet countertop is a product that we often come into contact with food in the kitchen. We all want to buy a better cabinet countertop when we buy it. So which cabinet countertop is better, how to choose the cabinet countertop? , There are some better brands, let's take a look at the related situation of cabinet countertops together.

  What kind of cabinet countertop is good

  Fireproof board cabinet countertop

  Fireproof board is based on density board, which is very good Rich in color, easy to shape, good impact resistance, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Fireproof board, like stone, cannot form a countertop together, it needs to be spliced, and the joints are easy to hide dirt and bacteria.

  Tile cabinet countertops

  The patterns of the tiles are diverse, suitable for creating cabinets of various styles. Retro style and pastoral style are exclusive to the tile countertops. But daily use will leave dirty marks in the cracks of the tiles, which will be difficult to beat over time, and it is easy to breed bacteria. And it is easy to break under the impact of heavy objects.

  Natural stone countertops

  Natural stone countertops are divided into granite countertops and marble countertops. The difference between these two countertops lies in their appearance and comparison of marble patterns. It is soft, with the texture of biological remains on the appearance, and the surface stripes are irregularly distributed; while the granite is slightly white or gray with spots in appearance, and the addition of potassium feldspar makes it red or flesh-colored.

  How to choose cabinet countertops

  1. Natural materials are favored and carefully selected marble countertops

  Marble countertops are a relatively common one The countertop materials of the cabinets are made of natural materials, so the pattern of the formed plates is beautiful and the texture is natural. Those who have a higher demand for cabinet styles can consider it.

  Second, select the stainless steel countertops to be more wear-resistant.

   When choosing cabinet countertops, stainless steel materials are less chosen, because the styles are less and the plasticity is not high. However, users who have requirements for the hardness and durability of cabinet countertops can consider stainless steel cabinet countertops.

  3. The choice of refractory board countertops is fireproof, durable and affordable

   Refractory board is also one of the materials for cabinet countertops, because of its high strength, beautiful appearance and durability, plus fireproof performance, Many people like this cabinet countertop material.

   cabinet countertop brand recommendation

  Dupont DuPont (DuPont China Group Co., Ltd.)

  (0755-83591721,021-38622888, 400-8851-888, in 1802, one of the world’s top 500 companies, one of the world’s largest pesticide chemical and energy groups, a large enterprise group, DuPont China Group Co., Ltd.)

   Zhongxun CXUN (Guangdong Zhongxun New Material Co., Ltd.)

   (020-84728388, a famous brand in Guangdong Province, a famous brand in Guangdong Province, a large modern enterprise, one of the large-scale industrial surface material production bases, Guangdong Zhongxun New Material Co., Ltd.)

  Wanfeng (Wanfeng Stone Technology Co., Ltd.)

   (0757-27831188, Guangdong famous trademark, Guangdong famous brand product, high-tech enterprise, artificial stone industry standard Designated drafting company, Wanfeng Stone Technology Co., Ltd.)


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