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Which cabinet countertop is good? Recommended cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-17

  Cabinet countertops are places where we often have direct contact with food in the kitchen. When we buy cabinet countertops, we all want to buy a better product. There are many cabinet countertops on the market, so which one is better? Well, what are the better brands of cabinet countertops and what are the precautions for purchasing cabinet countertops? Let's take a look at the relevant situation of cabinet countertops together.

   cabinet countertop which is the best cabinet countertop recommended

   stainless steel cabinet countertop

   stainless steel cabinet countertop is not as good as granite and marble in appearance There is a fan, and the appearance is relatively low-key. However, the stainless steel material is very easy to take care of. Generally, it is very clean after wiping it with a rag. However, steel wire balls and sharp tools are easy to add scars to the surface of stainless steel, so pay attention to maintenance.

  Refractory board countertop

  Advantages: bright color, wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, giving people a brand-new feeling, and the cabinet countertops are consistent in height, supplemented by embedding The style gas stove adds a sense of beauty. The price is generally accepted by ordinary consumers from 200 yuan to 500 yuan per linear meter.

   Disadvantages: The table surface is easily corroded by water and moisture. Improper use can cause degumming, deformation, and expansion of the substrate.

  marble countertop

  Advantages: The texture of natural stone is very beautiful, the texture is hard, the anti-scratch performance is very outstanding, the wear resistance is good; the cost is low, There are different designs and colors, and the most commonly used ones are only a few hundred yuan per meter per meter, which is a kind of economical countertop material. The price of high-end natural stone countertops is also around 1,000 yuan.

   Disadvantages: the two pieces of splicing cannot be integrated, and the gap is easy to breed bacteria; the natural stone has a high density and requires strong cabinet support. Although it is more than rigid, it is not elastic. If it is hit hard, cracks will occur. It is difficult to repair, and some invisible natural cracks will also rupture when the temperature changes sharply.

  Cabinet countertop brand recommendation


  Wanfeng Stone Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and has been developed for 16 years. In the past few years, Wanfeng is not only a drafting unit of domestic artificial stone industry standards, but also a national high-tech enterprise integrating artificial stone research and development, production, sales, on-site construction and post-service.


  Corian artificial stone cabinet countertop is one of the 'Four King Kongs' in the world chemical industry, and it is also the inventor and pioneer of the artificial stone industry! It can be said that the development history of Corian is the development history of the world's artificial stone industry. When consumers and friends think of artificial stone, they will mention acrylic.


   Huaxun artificial stone cabinet countertops Huaxun Industry, is a large-scale resin enterprise, and resin accounts for more than 60% of the cost of artificial stone. Rely on the cost advantage of upper and lower integration, win by quantity.

  Cabinet countertop purchase precautions

  1. The thickness of the countertop. The thickness and strength of artificial stone cabinet countertops are directly related, and the thickness also involves cost issues. If a 10mm thick mat is used, after processing and polishing, only 8mm thickness is left, which will cause some artificial stones to be easily cracked and deformed. When purchasing, you must understand the thickness of the artificial stone. The national standard for the thickness of the rough plate requires 12.7mm, and the finished product should be 12mm thick, while the low-cost cabinet countertops are usually only 8-10mm thick.

  2, look at the product brand, price and after-sales service. When purchasing cabinet countertops, if economic conditions permit, it is best to choose well-known brand products, so that the quality of cabinet countertops will be more guaranteed. And products produced by small brands or small workshops are prone to quality problems. Generally, the price of medium artificial stone is about 1,000 yuan per linear meter, and it is best not to choose products that are too cheap.

   In view of the possibility of fracture of the acrylic artificial stone plate, if there is a problem, it needs to be maintained and refurbished in time to restore the countertop product to its original state. Therefore, when purchasing, it depends on whether the merchant provides thoughtful after-sales service.

  3. Small methods for product quality testing. The front, cross-section and back of high-quality cabinet countertops are consistent throughout, without pores, uniform color, and no plastic-like texture on the surface. High-quality cabinet countertops feel fine and smooth to the touch, silky, without astringency, and no obvious unevenness; while cabinet countertops with poor quality will appear slightly rough.

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