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Which kitchen countertop material is better

by:KingKonree     2021-04-25

   There are four kinds of kitchen countertop materials: solid wood, artificial stone, natural stone and stainless steel. To say which kitchen countertop material is better, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these four kitchen countertop materials.

  1. Solid wood kitchen countertop materials

   Advantages: pure natural, no pollution; easy to cut or engrave; even if there are scratches, it is easy Recovery; cheap.

   Disadvantages: flammable; easy to crack; easy to penetrate, damp, mildew, easy to corrode; not long service life.

  Second, artificial stone kitchen countertop materials

   Advantages: bright and diverse colors, many options; good gloss; high temperature resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance , Anti-penetration, waterproof and moisture-proof, not prone to mildew, will not rot; strong plasticity, strong repairability; no radiation, harmless to the human body.

   Disadvantages: relatively low hardness, not scratch-resistant; easy to change color; an unpleasant smell will be emitted during the rainy season; the quality is uneven, and it is easy to buy inferior products.

  3. Natural stone kitchen countertop materials

  Advantages: beautiful pattern, various texture changes, many options; hard texture, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant ;cheap price.

   Disadvantages: The length is short, and the long countertop needs to be spliced, but the spliced u200bu200bseams are obvious, which affects the appearance. If the pipes cross, avoid processing difficulties; insufficient elasticity, high temperature or heavy blows will make it difficult to produce Repaired cracks; there are pores on the surface, which can easily penetrate pollution, produce bacteria, and affect kitchen hygiene

  4. Stainless steel kitchen countertop materials

  Advantages: environmental protection; firm; waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and corrosion-proof; anti-penetration; easy to clean; non-fading; fireproof ; Can be recycled.

   Disadvantages: giving people a cold feeling; easy to deform; once scratched, it can never be restored; the price is high.

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