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Which material is better for cabinet countertops? Which material is better for cabinet countertops?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-16

   In the decoration of the kitchen, the choice of cabinets is the most important. Nowadays, a clean and tidy overall kitchen is more popular. Therefore, when creating your own cabinets, you must choose a countertop that suits your own characteristics. Which cabinet countertop? Better? Let's take a look together below.

  [Which is the better material for the cabinet countertops]

  一. Marble

   Advantages: The texture of natural stone is very beautiful, the texture is hard, and the anti-scratch performance is very good. Outstanding, good wear resistance; low cost, different designs and colors, the most commonly used ones are only a few hundred yuan per meter, which is a kind of economical countertop material. The price of high-end natural stone countertops is also around 1,000 yuan.

   Disadvantages: the two pieces of splicing cannot be integrated, and the gap is easy to breed bacteria; the natural stone has a high density and requires strong cabinet support. Although it is more than rigid, it is not elastic. If it is hit hard, cracks will occur. It is difficult to repair, and some invisible natural cracks will also rupture when the temperature changes sharply.

  Second, refractory board countertops

  The advantage of refractory board countertops is that they are brightly colored, which can satisfy the sensory enjoyment of decoration owners; and its wear resistance and resistance High temperature performance is better.

   Its shortcomings are:

  1. It is not suitable for corner cabinet countertops. If the corner is made of refractory board, other processes are needed to make up for the cracks in the middle.

  2. The moisture resistance of the refractory board countertop is not good. If there is water stains on the countertop for a long time, it will cause its deformation and affect the use.

  三. Stainless steel countertops

   The biggest advantage of stainless steel countertops is that they are easy to clean and very suitable for lazy people; but the disadvantage is that they cannot be used at the corners of the cabinet, and if they are accidentally produced on the surface Scratches can't be repaired, which will keep the marks on the table and affect the appearance.

  4. Artificial stone

   Artificial stone countertop is a chemically synthesized decorative material that has emerged with the introduction of the overall kitchen. According to the different composition, there are several types of artificial stone countertops currently on the market:

  1, Selelite: the first-generation product of artificial stone, the main component is unsaturated resin, aluminum hydroxide Powder, acrylate monomer, pigment, etc. In order to reduce costs, many small manufacturers use calcium powder instead of aluminum powder to make the countertops dull, brittle and easy to break, easy to corrode and leak.

  2. Crystal stone: The essence of crystal stone has not changed much compared with that of selenite, but large-particle, high-transparency materials are used more in color matching and pigments. I have done an experiment in the countertop processing workshop-crystal stone countertops have more pores than ordinary selenium after high temperature tempering.

  3. Cloud stone: Cloud stone is a kind of artificial stone with higher cost than crystal stone, pattern imitating natural texture and hard texture. Because of its defects in processing and texture docking, it has not been used on a large scale. It is generally used in other exterior wall packaging, pillars, and lighting packaging.

  4. Sai Li stone is also called quartz stone: Quartz stone is a kind of stone that has only emerged in the past two years. It contains natural quartz, has a hard texture, is naturally luxurious, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has no penetration. leak. However, it is more complicated in processing and splicing, and there are splicing traces. At present, the most popular in the market is Spain's Cyrilite.

  5. Composite acrylic: Composite acrylic countertops are the most cost-effective among all artificial stone countertops. Its main components are acrylic, aluminum hydroxide and 65% particles added to saturated resin by about 20%, and other materials account for about 2% (depending on different colors). Its price, gloss, hardness, corrosion resistance, etc. are relatively moderate, making it the mainstream product in cabinet countertops.

  6. The advantages of pure acrylic are: seamless splicing, changeable shapes, diverse and soft colors, and easy to repair problems. After using it for too long, it can be bright as new after re-polishing; the disadvantage is that the hardness is slightly worse than the quartz stone, such as rough objects rubbing on the countertop, it is easy to destroy the brightness of the countertop. The high temperature resistance of composite acrylic is about 90 degrees, and the high temperature resistance of pure acrylic is 120 degrees. But do not touch overheated objects for a long time.

   Although there are so many types of cabinet countertops, in fact, quartz countertops and acrylic countertops are more commonly used in the market. The marble is too bulky and the fireproof board has poor waterproof performance. , Has been gradually eliminated, the quality of the cabinet countertops is not easy to say. Take the quartz countertops as an example. The content of quartz and the thickness of the countertops are all important factors affecting its quality.

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