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Which material is good for cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-17

   cabinet countertop is a furniture product we often use in the kitchen. It is a material that is often in contact with food. There are many cabinet countertops on the market. So which material is better for cabinet countertops? Which brands are better for cabinet countertops? What is the price of cabinet countertops. Let's take a look together. The relevant situation of the cabinet countertop.

   Which material is good for cabinet countertops

  Natural stone countertops

   Speaking of natural stone, I believe everyone must be in the process of decorating This material is not unfamiliar. Natural stones can be used in many places, even on large areas, such as the ground. What material is good for cabinet countertops? Of course, natural stone is also inseparable from a good material. The texture of this material is very hard and it performs very well in terms of durability, while the natural texture has a unique taste and looks particularly beautiful. Most people fancy this material for decoration because it has very prominent advantages, and it is also a natural material that has not been polished by hand. However, because it is produced from natural stones, there is one thing that must not be taken lightly. It is its radioactivity, it is best to do a radiation test when choosing, and to ventilate more after use.

  Stainless steel countertops

   The biggest advantage of stainless steel countertops is that they are easy to clean and very suitable for lazy people; but the disadvantage is that they cannot be used in the corners of the cabinet, and if If you accidentally scratch the surface, it will be impossible to repair, which will keep the traces on the table and affect the appearance.

  Refractory board countertop

  The advantage of refractory board countertop is bright colors, which can satisfy the sensory enjoyment of decoration owners; and its wear resistance and high temperature resistance are relatively good.

  Cabinet countertop brand recommendation


  Europe cabinet can be said to be a household name in China and has a high reputation. The company was established in Guangzhou in 1994 and is currently one of the largest kitchenware production bases in Asia. As China's first to introduce a brand, Oupai cabinets are produced in strict accordance with international standards. The raw materials are also strictly checked, which has pushed Oupai cabinets brand to the leading position in the industry.

  wole OLO cabinet

  wole OLO cabinet was established in 2002 as a Sino-U.S. joint venture with strong corporate strength. As China's earliest cabinet manufacturer with a large-scale life, Wo Le OLO cabinets have long established the status of China's leading cabinet brand.


   Zhibang Kitchen Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. As a pioneer in China’s cabinet industry, it is a well-known domestic cabinet product manufacturing base, integrating product development, production, A specialized cabinet company integrating sales and multi-brand management.

What is the price of    cabinet countertops

  Quartz stone integrated cabinet countertops:

   Quartz stone is manufactured under vacuum conditions. Dense and non-porous composite material, its quartz surface has excellent corrosion resistance to the acid and alkali of the kitchen, and the liquid substance used daily will not penetrate its interior.

  Price: ¥1380.00

  Artificial stone integrated cabinet countertop

   There are many varieties of artificial stone integrated cabinet countertops currently on the market, and the quality varies greatly. The more common ones are pure acrylic and composite acrylic, which have the functions of abrasion resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance, flexural resistance, and penetration resistance.

  Price: Above ¥1000


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