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Which Material Is Used For Wash Basin?

Which Material Is Used For Wash Basin?


We can find that the wash basins in the home are usually made of acrylic or tempered glass, while the wash basins installed in public places such as schools and train stations are usually made of artificial stone. Have you ever wondered why? Wash basin is one of the bathroom products and an important part of the bathroom. The fashionable and beautiful wash basin adds a touch of color to the whole bathroom. Now there are many kinds of wash basins on the market so that consumers don't know how to start. What kind of wash basin is good? The following small series will introduce several material wash basins and their characteristics.Wash basin material


Δ ceramic wash basin

Δ steel glass wash basin

Δ artificial stone wash basin


Δ ceramic

From the perspective of market sentiment, ceramic wash basins still dominate the market with more than 90% of the market. The variety, economy and personality are still favored by many consumers. When selecting a ceramic wash basin, you can observe the reflection of the surface of the product from the side under strong light. You can also gently feel the flatness on the surface by hand.

The selection of ceramic basins mainly depends on the glaze and water absorption. The quality of the glaze is related to the stain resistance. The glazed "honeycomb" is very small, smooth and dense, and not easy to be dirty. Generally, it is not necessary to use strong detergent products frequently. Wipe with water and a rag. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the quality of the ceramic wash basin. Since the water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will expand to some extent, and it is easy to inhale the dirt and odor in the water into the ceramic. According to the state regulations, sanitary ceramics with a water absorption rate of less than 3% are high-grade ceramics, and some high-end brand basins have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%.

Δ steel Glass

The tempered glass wash basin is a common material basin. It is characterized by strong anti-pollution ability and easy cleaning. The tempered wash basin has various styles and individuality, which is convenient for customers with different needs. Thick and safe, scratch-resistant and durable, it has a good reflection effect, making the bathroom look more crystal-clear and suitable for wooden countertops.

Washbasin material three: stainless steel

Stainless steel basins are used relatively at home, and are generally used in public places such as shopping malls and hotels. It is stylish, easy to clean, high in strength and strong in stain resistance. However, due to the simplification of the shape, it is not easy to match with bathroom furniture . Polished stainless steel and modern electroplating water faucet a good fit, but the mirror surface easy to scratch, so a large amount of the user, may wish to purchase stainless steel brushings.

Δ artificial stone

The artificial stone powder adds color and resin to create a material that is as smooth as natural marble, but is harder and more resistant to dirt, and has more styles to choose from. It has strong anti-strike ability, is not easy to be polluted, and is not easy to be damaged. It can be matched with different styles of bathroom furniture and has a relatively wide application. It is not resistant to high temperatures, and it is easy to get stained with oil. It is not easy to clean and has a simple shape.

Regarding the question of what’s kind of material is in the wash basin, different people have different answers in their hearts. We usually use stainless steel wash basins, ceramic wash basins and glass wash basins. For different sizes of wash basins, we have to choose different standards, but no matter what the material, the quality of the wash basin can not be ignored.Therefore, when we choose the wash basin, we must first understand the characteristics of the various types of wash basins, and what kind of wash basin we need, as long as you choose carefully, you can buy a cost-effective wash basin.

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