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by:KingKonree     2020-09-21

Ensuring that there is adequate access to your plumbing will become extremely important should your bathroom ever spring a leak. If the plumber has to break into a wall or rip up your tiles just to access the pipes, it's unlikely that you will be very happy. Not only will you have to pay to have the plumbing repaired, you'll have to pay to have the wall or floor repaired, too! Make sure that your bathroom design includes easy access panels so that any sort of plumbing issue can be rectified with ease.

Ventilation is another area that you should pay careful attention to, as the humid bathroom environment is actually the perfect condition for encouraging mold and mildew growth. These sorts of growths will not only destroy your bathroom, they can actually cause all sorts of health problems that are just not worth the hassle. Make sure that your bathroom design includes an appropriate ventilation system and has opening windows to help prevent this growth from occurring.

Keep in mind that there are a number of different products and items that you will need to find storage for in your bathroom. Having adequate storage solutions will ensure that your space is practical, comfortable and highly functional. Make a list of everything that you currently store in the space - from hairdryers and curling irons to makeup and shaving supplies - and make sure that your new bathroom design provides an adequate amount of storage that also allows you to have easy access.

Avoiding each of the above mistakes is imperative to ensuring that your bathroom design meets all of your expectations and more when the renovation has finally been completed. Just remember the sorts of problems that could be caused should you allow any one of these mistakes to occur - contractors ripping up your floors and busting up your walls; mold and mildew festering in dark corners; and being able to store everything - and it will be worth it.

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