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White, being the simple and elegant shade that it is

by:KingKonree     2020-08-30

Although the shade is often associated with female gender it is also still widely accepted as a unisex shade for many men still approve of its clean, neat and sophisticated look. The shade also creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere which is the very ambience most, if not everyone, would love in their homes.

There is one problem with white though, it can get easily stained and can easily make visible scratches and chipped parts. This slight drawback can be quite a deal especially in the frequent rough parts of the house like the kitchen. Fortunate enough, aside from being able to choose the type of material for your solid surface worktop which can also aid in making it stain free, there are still some other shades of white which are also popular and very versatile for your kitchen worktops and interiors.

The shade of off white is very popular in many kitchen counter or worktop pieces. It is also very appealing as a home interior color. Off white kitchen worktops are quite similar to the shades of ivory. It is somewhere between the shade of yellowish white, grayish white and light brown. You can say it is somewhat cream, vanilla or bone-like in color. Although it won't make the area look larger than it is as white does, it is a great substitute as it also does not do the other way around. Just like white, off-white creates a relaxing atmosphere and even adds a touch of warmness to the interiors. It is also versatile with any decorating preference and is suitable with both the male and female genders.

White and off-white can also be added some pigments and patterns if you want to make your interiors and worktops more unique and distinctive when it comes to their color.

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