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why not tile a marble bathroom?

by:KingKonree     2020-04-09
Few materials are comparable to the beauty and elegance of marble.
This gorgeous stone can be used in your home to create a delicate look.
However, many people hesitate to use marble tiles and countertops in the bathroom.
The cleaning and care of the marble bathroom is not as tedious as you think.
In this article, we will clarify the truth of cleaning the bathroom made of this stone and how to use it to increase the value of the family.
Marble tiles are the perfect choice for formal main bathroom floors and walls.
Since this is a natural product extracted from Earth, there is little control over texture and color change.
There are countless designs, colors, surface textures, tile patterns and edge details to choose from.
In addition, there are more affordable artificial marble tiles and countertops.
The stone has a wide variety of color variations such as white, black, yellow, red, cream neutral, subtle earth tones, green, tan, or even crimson, that can be cast over the shadow, it will either be blurred.
The color of marble can be combined with different types of accents, borders and patterns to bring dramatic effects to your master suite bathroom.
The cost of renovating bathroom tiles and countertops with marble is great, so it is best to find a reputable bathroom contractor to install.
Marble is a natural porous material, so it is essential to use proper sealing materials to prevent damage.
The countertop requires tiles to have greater strength and stronger glaze to withstand moisture and staining.
Although marble is very durable, most natural stone products are prone to cracking, so it is not a good idea to use marble in a bathroom with busy traffic or in a bathroom that children often use.
It is very easy to clean the marble bathroom, but in order to keep the stone looking rich, it does require a routine procedure.
Some experts recommend using clear water, but most experts recommend gently wiping the surface with a gentle cleaner.
Next should be rinse with clear water to avoid stripe or soap build upup.
Do not use rough chemicals, grinding cleaners or vinegar on the marble surface.
The vinegar reacts chemically with calcium carbonate in the stone, stripping off the gloss and permanently etching the surface.
The best spa in the world uses marble to create a luxurious environment.
You can create similar experiences in your own home.
Marble bathroom is a great home add on investment and you will get a great value for money.
Its beauty is timeless, the stone is very resilient and very easy to maintain.
There is really no reason to be afraid of using marble in the bathroom at home.
It will create a space where you feel like you are living in a luxurious environment.
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