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With its beautiful appearance and full storage, this bathroom cabinet is also too popular!

by:KingKonree     2021-10-24
With its beautiful appearance and full storage, this bathroom cabinet is also too popular! A bathroom cabinet, isn't it a place for brushing teeth, washing face and combing hair? Is there really so much attention? Don't believe it, the bathroom cabinet is not well chosen, the corners are difficult to clean, easy to mold, there is no place to store, no place to hide wires. Do you often have doubts, the more strange you look in the mirror? In fact, because the overall pace of society is too fast, we have less and less time to 'see' ourselves every day. Therefore, when one day suddenly comes and takes a serious look at ourselves, you will find that every change will make you full of strangeness to yourself. The location of the bathroom cabinet belongs to the facade of the entire bathroom space, and it is also the starting point for observing yourself every day and starting a new day. Do you think the bathroom cabinet is important? Since it is so important, the purchase can not be sloppy. Believe that this designer's cooperation model Xijian Senyue series bathroom cabinet, first of all, in terms of appearance, it will definitely satisfy your discerning eye. The overall shape adopts Italian elegant and light luxury style, with natural slate patterns as the overall design of the bathroom cabinet. , There are two colors of 'Rock White' and 'Rock Black'. Whether it is a fresh warm color or an elegant dark color, you can choose the one that suits your home. At the same time, it can be equipped with a supplementary light smart mirror, allowing you to appreciate yourself clearly. The shape of the bathroom cabinet is important, and the real material is also the core key. The whole cabinet of Senyue bathroom cabinet is made of multi-layer full eucalyptus solid wood. The basin adopts a one-piece fully glazed basin. After being calcined at a high temperature of 1280 degrees Celsius, the hardness is higher and it will not yellow after long use. The faucet adopts all-copper casting faucet, explosion-proof and rust-proof. No matter how good the bathroom cabinet is, it is the key to fit your home. Senyue series can not only choose the color, but also the wonderful magical power, allowing you to freely match the style, mirror cabinet, size, and installation method from multiple angles. There is always a set of matches that suits you. If your bathroom space is not very large, you can choose from 60cm-100cm size; if you like rounded lines, you can choose round mirrors. If you like lines, you can choose square mirrors and separate mirrors; you can choose two ways to open the cabinet. There are multiple door openings, drawers and drawer opening combinations, etc.; finally, you can choose wall-mounted or floor-mounted according to your home improvement hobby. However, no matter how good the bathroom cabinet is, you must also pay attention to daily maintenance to accompany the family for a longer period of time. Friends who are preparing to start the bathroom cabinet on Double Twelve, can preview in advance and choose a satisfactory style as soon as possible~(
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