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With the application of those house hold appliances

by:KingKonree     2020-07-09
Bathtub and washing machine The bathtub and washing machine are the most easily can be seen appliances in many people's house, although the depth of water in tub is only 10cm, but it's enough to make a small baby drowned. Therefore, without the shower, make sure there is no water in the bathtub; the best is to readily closed bathroom door. Don't put any pad feet things near the washing machine. Stairs Now, there are more and more stairs in the family, as for babies who are learning to work, sometimes they will move to the stairs without attention, thus it is likely for them to tumble down the stairs, it's very dangerous. So the best way to prevent the happening of danger is to install safety railing on the stairs, which can prevent the baby from climbing. Beds, sofa chairs Beds, sofa and chairs are very common thing in our house, and usually we think it is of no danger, however for kids, it also contains some danger. As for those fast-growing babies, parents usually have no idea when they have learned to stand up. So, there may be some unexpected danger come to happen. So, remember that you must not leave baby alone when they are sleeping on the sofa or bed. The safest place for babies to sleep is the crib installed fence. It is not so horrible that leave baby at home, if you take a good preventive measure, these dangers can be avoided. Therefore, a safe environment for baby is very important and necessary.
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