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With the development of high technology, the hi-technology

by:KingKonree     2020-09-28

This is a waterproof home endoscope. It is Waterproof USB Camera (http://www.umibuy.com/safety-security/wholesale-dvr-spy-cameras.html) Home Endoscope Inspection Camera Borescope Scope with 2 LED. This high quality home endoscope is a new electronic health care product, a household necessity. It can help you to see any part of your body, which can't be seen due to physical limitation before. With the help of a computer, one can take, store photos or video of any part of the body and transmit over the internet for consultation of the telemedicine service. It is very useful for the health of your family. The main advantages are small size; the diameter is only 10mm, high resolution imaging and waterproof. You can display the images captured by the home borescope on the computer screen, store them, print them, or send them over the Internet.

As an endoscope, you can use it to observe yourself like using a mirror. You can observe any part of your body, which are hard to see, such as the back, the head, the inside of the mouth, the tooth, and even the throat. Frequently check and cherish your health. If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. Beyond what you can improve, go to a doctor early, it is quite helpful for the health of your family.

This home borescope (http://www.umibuy.com/safety-security/2m-waterproof-usb-camera-home-endoscope-inspection-camera-borescope-scope-with-2-led.html) has wide application fields. Such as intraoral camera system: underwater camera; waterproof Micro-cameras; motor vehicle detector; sewer pipeline detector; search and rescue seeker; criminal and custom detector; archaeological detect; the PCB detection; home care; aviation and space industries; cars and tractors industries; petroleum drilling industries; constructions and so on. Many hospitals use it into operation. It can connect with computer; you can use USB cable to connect the computer.

This high quality scope is an ergonomic handheld video endoscope system with robust and semi flexible insertion tube. It can easily be operated by plugging directly into your computer. Enhanced with 640x480 resolution and CMOS camera you can get a clear, bright, high-quality image onto your computer. It can capture high quality images and videos (AVI) with rich color throughout a large dynamic range. It also has built-in 2 LED lights (Adjustable) on the tip of the semi flexible tube to illuminate objects and has glare-free close-up & a wide range field of view. The optimized illuminant design can illuminate/light the darkest, tightest spots as well as every crack and burning mark on a high reflective surface and helps you see in darkened areas and aids in illuminating the picture for the integrated camera. The flexible gooseneck retains a configured shape for inspecting hard-to-reach areas and the shaft can be exposed to water and is compact for easy transport.

Additionally, this high-end endoscope requires no batteries, receiving its power directly from the computer's USB power. The camera head is waterproof and has innovative design; its easy accessibility option makes it a perfect candidate for household use, industrial inspection, a handy pipeline inspection tool that helps you to search inside hard to see places. Mechanics will love this tool because they can see inside the motor without the time-consuming disassemble. It can also be used to check wear on pinion gears. Building contractors and home inspectors will use this to look inside of walls.

Do you fall in love with this gadget? If you want to learn more information about this wonderful home endoscope, please come to umibuy.com (http://www.umibuy.com) online store. We will provide the best service and the highest quality products to you. Buy it directly now, you will enjoy low wholesale price and free shipping.

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