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wood furniture finish: a final touch of appearance

by:KingKonree     2020-01-30
Wood furniture has advantages in obtaining elegant and beautiful touch for living space.
Furniture surface treatment is one of the main processes affecting the tactile appearance and sustainability.
The last layer is attached to the wood surface.
The process aims to provide better aesthetic value for wood furniture, cover up some defects of some materials in wood color, texture or surface resistance quality, and protect wood from the influence of external conditions. (
Weather, temperature, etc. )
Or collide with other articles to increase the durability and durability of wood products.
Material and service life for wood furniture surface treatment may vary.
According to the type of material, there are two kinds of wood finishes: solid material finishes and liquid finishes. Solid finish.
This material covers 100% of the wood surface and hides the original appearance.
Physically speaking, this material is a thin sheet or reel made of plywood, medium density fiberboard, rigid fiberboard, flexible board and other types of board. It is suitable for indoor furniture. Liquid finish.
There are many kinds and changes of liquid veneered wood furniture.
Its characteristics make it one of the most popular types of wood furniture.
It is more flexible than solid finishes. It is most suitable for bending and wide surfaces. It has the same quality in the wide surface strength of plywood or MDF.
The liquid finishing materials used today include oil and nitrocellulose. (NC)
Melamine, polyurethane(PU)
But now the most popular is water-based paint.
These finished products require thinner oils as liquidators, except water-based paint.
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