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Worst Home Decor Ideas From the 1990s

by:KingKonree     2020-10-25
How long was 1990?
Well, try to remember the last time you saw someone wearing a chestnut dress
Black lipstick and rocking velvet shirt while talking 1-1A pound phone
That was 20 years ago.
Like fashion and technology, the style of home decoration has changed fundamentally since Rachel\'s hairstyle became popular.
For the next issue of the worst home decor in our 10-year series, we\'ll look at you, \'90 S, all your shocking decor has failed. Beige wall-to-
This is a popular 1990 s trend, meaning a neutral palette of deer, mushrooms and oatmeal.
But no matter how you hide the name, these shades are variations of boring themes.
So there are colored Persian carpets and walls. to-
The carpet on each floor yawns to varying degrees. ------
For those who refuse minimalism, the retro mania meets the post-90 s requirements.
The home decor kit allows anyone to add vines to their homes, revealing a stock of vines from behind what looks like every kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity.
Ivy crawled in the corner of the corridor and in the bedroom, and even climbed up the adjacent vanity and bed frame. ------
Too many pottery BarnProof home chains were popular in 1990s: \"Friends\" and \"Song Fei biography\" were two sitcoms a decade ago.
The \"friend\" plot revolves around a replica of a ubiquitous drug cabinet, with two of the six friends owning it.
In the biography of Song Fei, Kramer called it \"the chain started by Jack \"---
Due to the proliferation of catalogues, the mob \"may present another common look: a sofa stuffed with stuff in a white sofa cover. ------
The heavy-duty curtains that match valancesWindows are designed to allow light and air to enter.
They are not the home owner\'s premises and they want to block every golden light with thick curtains and an insignificant rocking fabric known as valance.
However, valances are everywhere, just like useless dust rubbing on your window frame, hanging on the top of the window. ------
In southwest style, a dusty coral is painted.
Then add the teal accent to reveal some wood on the ceiling.
Hang a feather catcher and Kokopelli on the wall.
Add two bull skulls to the coffee table, voil: the house from Illinois to Georgia looks like it belongs to the Arizona desert. ------
Over the years, we have been in harmony with the base sink.
Full function and beautiful.
Then, in the overhead bowl sink of 1990 M, which is the vessel sink, arrived at the bathroom site. These bowls --
Often pounce on glass-
There is no place to put so much except a piece of soap. ------
The main artifacts of the post-90 s include Spice Girls, the blockbuster Titanic and Spice song. This rustic-
Cheap gold wood is used to make chairs, vanity tables, tables and kitchen cabinets.
So many kitchen cabinets, then!
Like a hot girl (
Try to say how many hits they have)
Pine trees can\'t stand the cruel test of time. ------Glow-in-the-
Dark interstellar bedroom ceilings and walls across the United States are paying for these impossible things --to-get-
Luminous stickers used to imitate the night sky.
As many children fall asleep in their own private Galaxy, today\'s homeowners desperately wonder how to get rid of the stickers in the sky and seem to be glued together by a more powerful substance than a black hole. ------
Brass fixed Brass is the alloy that eats \'90\' and appears in the furniture from the headboard to the lamps and the hardware from the door handle to the faucet.
However, in the cold light of 2016, these shiny metals look cheap and cheesy (
Not to mention pits and rust). ------
Worn out chicOh, you deliberately distressed and the perfect mismatch is not perfect!
We can handle you when you\'re a rose.
There are pink chairs and artificial ones.
There is a painted dresser there.
But in your 90 s, you get greedy and the whole room is decorated in a romantic nightmare of frost-ridden Snow Neil and Chinz. Such a shame. ------
Inflatable furniture sitting in 1990
Furniture: no food, no drinking, absolutely no sharp things.
Because who wants to be in \"E. R. \"?
In addition, it is difficult enough to blow the balloon.
Blow up the love seat and chair? Just no. ------
Sponge hurts, why?
As for how and why this false end-
Looks like a kindergarten art project. -ever catch on?
Leave the sponge in the kitchen and stick it together with a brush or roller when paint is needed. ------
The big entertainment center before your carnival
While burning calories on the treadmill, watch Netflix on your smartphone, and the entire family gathers in front of a large entertainment center to watch \"must watch TV \".
These wall units have to be very large because the TV was huge yesterday.
Add VCR and stereo system (
Whatever that is
You need an oversized wall unit. ----------
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