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Xiamen Customs broke the private case to verify the drug involved in the case of 1.16 tons

by:KingKonree     2020-04-17

According to the Xiamen Evening News, on June 24, the Xiamen Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau dispatched 17 police officers to arrest and arrest the nets in Zhongshan and Zhuhai, Guangdong, and arrested 3 cases of the “5·31” smuggling drug ketamine. The main suspects outside the country seized 200,000 yuan of drugs and verified 1.16 tons of smuggled drugs, ketamine.

It was initially found that during the period of April and May this year, the cross-border smuggling drug gang headed by the three principal offenders in the case seized the drug in the man-made stone plate hollowed out in the middle, and then used the artificial stone plate as the name of the declaration and passed the cargo channel. Smuggling out of the country.

According to Xiamen Customs statistics, since 2017, the customs has filed a total of 6 cases of smuggling of drugs, and verified 2.03 tons of smuggled drugs in various cases, and seized more than 5 million yuan of drugs.

Original title: Xiamen Customs broke the smuggling case to verify the drug involved in the case 1.16 tons

Original link: http://epaper.xmnn.cn/xmwb/20180627/201806/t20180627_5195101.htm

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