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Xinhaijialan: The glass partitions the new world, 16㎡ Nordic style bathroom

by:KingKonree     2021-09-20
Xinhaijialan: The glass partitions the new world. The rectangular space layout on the surface of the 16㎡ Nordic style bathroom is unremarkable. Only when I walked closer did I know that there is such a big universe inside! A set of space is divided into two doors, one side is the bathroom and the other side is the cloakroom. The two use not interfere with each other but have a unique design to connect the two spaces. The secret is the two-way opening and closing glass shower room. The whole bathroom is in Nordic style log color, which is fresh and elegant and has a different simple forest atmosphere, which can make people feel calm and comfortable, and reduce the daily irritability. Located on the right side of the top view is the bathroom, which makes good use of the concave and convex positions of the wall to make a built-in bathroom cabinet. I am not afraid that the external vanity will let water splash around and cause the floor to be slippery. Wall-mounted toilets can better save wall space and are easy to clean. Don't worry about the weight-bearing problem of wall-mounted toilets, as long as they can bear a normal weight! The two-way glass shower room is set in the middle of the entire space, and both sides are partitioned by openable glass sliding doors, which not only makes good use of the two walls, but also makes the whole space transparent, creating a warm and elegant atmosphere. The other space for the hostess’s clothes and accessories is absolutely domineering. There are two large closets side by side, all coats and trousers can be hung, the lower layers of drawers, scarves, hats and small accessories can be sorted and stored. Directly connected to a dressing table, dressing and dressing in a line, not used to go back in and out, even if it is to remove makeup and take a bath at night, it can be done in one step! (
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