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Yali shower room: use simple black, white and gray to create a high-end and elegant life

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
Yali shower room: Use simple black, white and gray to create high-class and elegant life. In the home life, modern people are more and more to use black, white and gray to decorate, because it is simple but not simple, versatile and high-end, over a dozen Twenty years will not be out of date. But some people are also worried that black, white and gray are monotonous and depressing, too deep. Today, I will share a set of apartment decoration mainly in black, white and gray to see their simple and advanced home life! The main color of this apartment is dark, which is very individual. At the same time, the interior decoration should maintain good lighting, so we can set up some wide and high windows here like the homeowner. The apartment uses many light sources of different intensities. To enhance the brightness of the room, and to add some warmth to the room, it looks comfortable and calm. The gray sofa and carpet, as a transition between the white plasterboard ceiling and the black perforated board, add a sense of harmony and tranquility to the entire space. The walnut-colored floor in the living room contrasts sharply with the ink-washed stone floor in the dining room, allowing users to mentally divide a space into two. The dining room and kitchen adopt black tones, the terrazzo floor and the transparent cement board echo each other, and the black wood grain dining table complements the bright dining chairs. This bed is a bright color of the entire bedroom. The light gray TV wall, brown bed, white shutters and ceiling neutralize the coldness brought by the black wall, which not only retains the low-key elegance of black and gray, but also gives it back The bedroom should be warm and peaceful. The bathroom uses black and orange as the main colors. Black and orange are a pair of common contrast colors. The combination of low-key and calm black and cheerful and lively orange gives people a wonderful sense of drama and conflict.
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