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Yamena Sanitary Ware teaches you how to choose a toilet better

by:KingKonree     2021-10-25
Yamena Sanitary Ware teaches you how to choose a better toilet. The difference between a good toilet and a poor toilet. How to buy a toilet better choice? For us, we don't know what kind of toilet is of good quality. Today I will teach you how to distinguish the quality of the toilet. Just read this article. 01. Toilet flushing power This is the most critical step in choosing a toilet. The key to the quality of the toilet is the impact of the toilet. The better the impact, the stronger the discharge capacity. Put your hand on the flushing port and try the impact force. You can also put a piece of waste paper to check the flushing force. 02. Toilet flushing methods There are two types of toilet flushing (flush toilet and siphon toilet). The siphon type is the most common. Old-fashioned toilets are relatively rare. The siphon toilet is divided into swirl type and jet type. When vortex flushing, a vortex is formed along the wall of the water outlet to flush away the feces. When the jet is flushing, part of the water flows out from the water holes around the toilet bowl, and the other is jetted out from the jetting port. 03. If the toilet weight is ceramic, good ceramics have better material, higher density, and heavier weight, generally around 50kg. The weight of the toilet with poor quality is lighter, the material of which is poor, and the weight is about At around 20kg-30kg, everyone can weigh the weight of the toilet by hand when choosing a toilet. 04. The glazed ceramic glazed surface of the toilet is relatively smooth and delicate, and it is not rough to touch by hand, indicating that the quality of the toilet is still quite good. You can also touch it from the outer wall of the toilet and the outlet of the toilet with your hands. , Reach out to the outlet to check the quality of the glaze. 05. Tap the surface to listen to the sound carefully tap the outer wall of the toilet a few times, distinguish by the sound of tapping under the toilet, the sound is clear, indicating that the toilet material is good; the sound coming out is relatively dull, indicating that the quality of the toilet is average. 06. The toilet tank button is now a two-stage button. Press the button to test the quality of the button. The accessories of the toilet are very important. A good toilet button is pressed hard and the impact water is strong. If the button is soft It's lying down, indicating that the quality of the buttons is poor, and the flushing power is not very good. Regarding the quality of the toilet, I will introduce the most common way to distinguish the quality of the ceramic toilet. If you buy a toilet in an offline store, you may wish to touch it with your hands, observe with your eyes, and listen with your ears. Come check the quality of the toilet. (
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