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Yilai Sanitary Ware: Challenge the small apartment 'Settle Down' What is the difficulty?

by:KingKonree     2021-09-26
Yilai Sanitary Ware: Challenge the small apartment 'Settle Down' What is the difficulty? For the Chinese, buying a house and making a home is always a very important thing in life. Recently, in addition to going out as necessary, I spend most of my time staying at home to play dramas. The hit drama 'An Jia' has been frequently searched for on the sensitive topic of 'selling a house vs buying a house'. The English translation of 'An Jia' is I Will Find You a Better Home (to help you find a more suitable house). The first unit story is full of magical reality. Fang Sijin played by Sun Li is a runway house that cannot be sold for ten years. , Sold to Gong Beibei, who was in desperate need of a house change. There is a very heart-wrenching scene in the play. When the palace doctor returns from get off work at night, she does not turn on the lights when she enters the house. She only uses the faint light of the mobile phone to sneak around the things in the room and the husband who is laying on the floor in the living room. . The family all fell asleep, and the doctor Gong had to correct the students' papers. Finally, she took the computer into the toilet, sat on the toilet and worked hard, with clothes hanging on the top of her head. The Doctor Gong glanced at the messy bathroom, and his desire to change the house became firmer. When the room looked like the doctor of Kintai Palace, the strange runway room, after a simple decoration, instantly turned into a minimalist European style, the ubiquitous storage design, the space became spacious and bright, and finally the doctor was convinced. . This scene is too common in Shanghai. Buying and changing houses is a painstaking journey. Most young people choose small apartments for their first suites, but they have to plan carefully and try their best to develop every 1 square meter of available space, not to mention the bathroom. The house is not only a place to eat and sleep, but also to pursue and satisfy the ideals of life. The toilet space is small, and we can choose to reduce the size of the shower area, toilet, and bathroom cabinet. ELLAI Chic series is specially designed for families with compact bathrooms. Minimalist style + solid wood + multi-functional storage, abandoning clutter and crowding, exquisite detail design, greatly improving bathroom space utilization and quality of life. A small cabinet with a width less than 600mm, which is rare in the market, has a modern and simple style and scientific and reasonable storage design, which makes the space tidy and orderly. It is a better choice for small apartments. The mirror-changing cabinet has doubled the storage space. The rear drain design frees up the storage space of the cabinet and uses side hooks and storage trays ingeniously. With a square inch, it can meet the functional needs of family members for washing, bathroom storage, and makeup. The raised storage platform in the ceramic basin, Yilai's unique and creative anti-skid texture, and the surface is smooth and beautiful mirror glaze, the processing technology is very difficult, showing the strength of Yilai's ceramic craftsmanship. The carefully selected solid wood panels, the highly difficult ceramic craftsmanship, the ultra-thin detail design, and the pursuit of a balance between artistry and practicality, reflect the simple and practical design concept of Yilai. Yilai's unremitting pursuit of design and quality allows more people to enjoy the design, practicality, and high-quality bathroom furniture (
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