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Yin Shang Decoration: If you want to enter the circle of celebrities, first have a 'exquisite' home

by:KingKonree     2021-06-29

I have been screened by #上海名媛圈# in the past two days.

The enviable daily life of 'Ladies'

It turned out to be spelled out


A Ritz-Carlton afternoon tea for two for 6 people.

Only 85 yuan per person

60 people for a group Ferrari photo

Only It costs 100 yuan per person

and then backhand a circle of friends plus hotel positioning

with text: 'economic independence is cool'

High-end version of Pinduoduo's life, So interesting

Does Xiaoyin want to ask about the decoration?

You live during the day and I live at night

To carry the banner of a celebrity, the biggest confidence is to live with care. The decoration vision of a real celebrity will not fall into a misunderstanding. Therefore, the house of the celebrity family must be reasonable in function, comfortable, well-equipped, and beautiful in the environment, so that it can be worthy of exquisite life.

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