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yogendra singh sachan: chief judicial magistrate probe concludes that sachan was murdered | lucknow news - times of india

by:KingKonree     2020-03-08
On June 22, 2011, Dr. Yogendra Singh Bakan, deputy chief medical officer, was found dead in the toilet in the operating room of the prison hospital.
19 days later, the chief justice judge (CJM)
Rajesh Upadhayay submitted his report.
The document made it clear that Dr. Koban\'s death was a murder case, not a suicide case.
\"Dr. balharadheen bandi Yogendra Singh Pakan ki mrityu aatya nahi hai, balki hatya hai,\" CJM\'s report said . \".
Dr. Koban, a key defendant in the NRHM scam, killed two CMOs associated with this.
It is alleged that Dr. Kaban was killed apparently to prevent him from taking the name of the big fish.
It is worth noting that the CBI also failed from 78-page report.
But is this Report deliberately ignored?
TOI has a copy of the report.
Here are some of the key findings of the report: Witnesses claim that Dr. Koban is sitting on the toilet with his head facing the tank.
CJM was surprised to hear the location of the body.
He said, \"If someone tries to commit suicide and hang himself up, then the body should be hung up, and if the person wants to end his life by cutting the vein, the investigating officer said, there will be a point when the person falls to the ground and squirts for a while.
\"But in this case, no bodies were found in either case.
It seems to me that it is impossible for anyone to sit on the toilet, cut the veins of his hands, legs and neck, and then die in the same position, \"the probe reported.
: Quote a post from a doctor who directed Dr. Kaban
Judicial officials say no one usually chooses two different ways to commit suicide.
It is believed that the hanging will not be so painful.
\"It seems to me that if a man is determined to end his life by hanging, he will first find a place to carry out his plan.
But in this case, the place of death is a toilet with no hanging point.
If he was to end his life by cutting his veins, why did he resort to hanging.
So the situation seems suspicious, which contradicts the theory of suicide, \"he observed.
The window on the wall of the toilet where the body of Saxony was found is 4.
5 feet from the ground
At a distance of 3.
5 feet. two blood stains of 6 cm and 12 cm were found.
Where did the stain on the wall come from if Dr. Cowan sat on the toilet and died?
It is impossible for victims to do so.
When someone else tries to hang the belt around his neck and tie it to the window, the stain is likely to show up.
During the inspection of the premises, the officer found that the washbasin in the toilet had been removed and kept outside the toilet.
There are some 6-
There was blood in the basin.
The question is, where did the blood come from? The post-
According to the autopsy report, the body injury of Dr. Koban was caused by sharp --edged weapon.
In a statement before Upadhayay, tehsildar Mohanlalganj of Jeetendra Kumar vastava, who prepared panchnama, said, \"there is no sharp-
Edge weapons found.
\"The same was said by radio officer Gosainganj, Sanjay Kumar Pandey.
At the insistence of deputy jailer Sunil Kumar Singh, a team at the forensic science laboratory inspected the drain pipe of commode and found a half razor blade.
There was blood on one side of the blade.
The officer also checked the half blade and concluded that if damage was caused using the same blade, there would be stains on both sides of the blade.
The team of doctors said in their statement that the normal blade would never cause such a serious injury.
The official concluded that Shakan could not have committed suicide by cutting his veil.
It is generally believed that if someone is willing to commit suicide, the person tends to lock the room from the inside.
In this particular case, the crime scene is a hospital in the district prison, and under the watchful eye, the victim is more likely to lock the toilet door, given Dr. SA Shan\'s insistence on suicide.
However, the door of the toilet and the operating room where the toilet is located are not locked.
The report said the fact raised doubts about the theory of suicide.
The premise of the prison hospital is under construction.
All the rooms on the first floor of the hospital where the incident occurred were locked.
The only exception is the theater.
\"Why OT is not locked\" adds doubt.
There was no sign of a struggle on Dr. Koban\'s body.
The signs of scuffle are also missing.
Some prison officials quoted these two points as refuting the possibility of murder.
They also say that if someone in the prison wants to kill Kaban, why does he do so much damage instead of stabbing him in a sensitive place like the stomach.
\"It seems to me that it is not easy to buy the arguments given by prison officials if it is a planned conspiracy,\" the report said . \".
He added that the signs of struggle or scuffle provide strong logic but cannot be seen in isolation.
\"The person may have died of one or two injuries, and later the body was placed at the crime scene, where other injuries were suffered,\" the official observed . \".
\"If the veins are cut, the person sits in the direction of the entrance door, and a lot of blood will penetrate into the flush.
When the blood oozes and spills on the floor, it is easy for the perpetrator to move away without leaving traces, \"he said.
No treatment for depression?
Prison officials have repeatedly said he was frustrated after Dr. BP Singh\'s murder, when his name was considered possible to force him to take extreme measures.
However, a statement issued by a doctor at a prison hospital showed that there was a heart problem with Kaban and had diabetes.
He also has complaints about high blood pressure.
They said Dr. SA Shan was not treated for depression.
Dr. Sagan\'s wife, Marti, and his brother, Lake Sagan, also said he was determined and could not commit suicide.
Can a person willing to commit suicide hurt himself at a few bleeding spots at a time?
This is the first question raised in the post.
An autopsy report thought of by judicial officials.
References to medical jurisprudence and toxicology are cited, and after-
The forensic doctor says it is impossible for a person to hurt his hands to the same extent.
In addition, the length and breathing of injuries near the elbow of Dr. Koban are almost the same. So, if a right-
The man with both hands hurt his left hand so badly that he could not have caused similar wounds on his right hand.
Dr. Cowan was injured nine times, eight of them dead.
The ninth injury is a binding mark and a key evidence.
It confirmed that the murder of Kaban had committed suicide.
It seems that someone hung his body in the bathroom after his death.
Kaban would hang himself up and commit suicide, and then the logic of cutting his veins, as prison officials have given, seems impractical for investigators.
He refutes the theory that there are only four belts.
5 feet long, it will not be able to hang considering the location of the Tolan sitting.
Witnesses said that the neck of Mount SA was not hung, but was leaning against the water tank.
If there is no hanging, there will be no tie mark on the neck of the person.
The number of injuries reported is 2 (Wound on the neck)
Injury No. 9 (ligature mark)
Very contradictory.
The wound is within the range marked by the tie band, which means that the belt after the wound is tied to his neck.
It also says that after so much damage, the victim is unconscious because of the loss of blood.
Therefore, it is impossible for a person to commit suicide by hanging.
Apparently, someone hanged his body after the death of Mount SA, which proves that the theory of suicide is wrong.
Where is Desan going? At 6.
At zero o\'clock A. M. every day, all prisoners in the prison are counted for the first time.
After that, until 8.
At zero o\'clock P. M. , counts are made every time the warden\'s duties change.
Dr. Cowan died at about 10.
June 22, 2011 zero o\'clock A. M.
Now, why was there no action taken in the subsequent rounds of inventory when it was found that Koban was missing.
And why it makes noise after 8. 00 pm?
One of them said at seven.
At zero o\'clock P. M. , a police officer did not walk into the ward and shouted, \"Tyya He Qiao\", and Dr. SA Shan Apako was also walking with Jana Hai.
He came back in half an hour. an-
An hour later, Dr. SA Shan was with him.
Since then, Dr. Kaban has not been seen, \"the report notes.
The role of the warden: the patients at the prison hospital said that they did not see Koban after the age of 7. 30 a. m.
Anil Tewari, a warden, also said that there was no presence at the time of the duty in charge of Kaban.
Tewari, who took over from Ram Narayan Tewari, said that Kaban was still pending trial.
When Anil asked him what he said when the prisoner left the prison, Ram Narayan said that the chief warden, Babu Ram Dube, was holding the slip.
However, Dubey said in his statement that all prisoners were present at the time of the 11-year-old clearing point.
Record at zero o\'clock A. M. , 11. 30 am.
He claimed that he had seen Dr. Cowan around 11. 30 a. m.
This is the result of contradictions,mortem report.
Dube took the charge from another past shady Pahindra Singh.
Therefore, it can be concluded that some people in police uniform took Dr. SA Shan away.
After that, his body was found in the evening.
The report questioned the role of the prison caretaker Bhim Sen Mukund, who began to be responsible 10 days before the incident and did not assign specific work.
\"There is a contradiction in his statement,\" the report said . \"
The officer recorded the differences in the statements made by deputy jailer Sunil Kumar Singh, chief warden Babu Ram Dubey and Warden Pahindra Singh.
The report questioned why no one informed the police when they saw Dr. Koban\'s body?
Why did they take the body out of the toilet and put it on the balcony, disrupting the crime scene?
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