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You must have wondered what things are safe to

by:KingKonree     2020-08-18

The first step is to clean all the crumbs and pieces of food on the surface. Create a solution of mild soap in warm water and moisten a sponge with it. Wipe the surface of the San Antonio San Antonio granite with this sponge. Once the surface of the countertop is clean, the granite sealer is sprayed over the entire surface. Using a sponge wipe the sealer generously but evenly on the stone. The sealer should be completely dry before you move to the next step. The sealer is going to keep the granite countertop surface clean and safe from most kind of harm. The layer of the sealant acts as a barrier that stops any substance from being absorbed by the stone surface, leading to staining the granite.

When cleaning the surface, use only mild soap with water, which will ensure that no harmful substance gets absorbed into the countertop surface. If you seal the countertop at the same time every year, you would better be able to remember the exact time when it needs to be done. With the sealer in place, a cut on the San Antonio granite surface will neither damage the sealant nor the surface of the stone. Still, it is recommended to use a plastic or a wooden chopping board, as you do not want to lose the sharpness of your knives. Since, San Antonio granite is resistant towards heat you can easily place hot pans and other hot objects on the surface of the countertop.

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