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You've heard of them and I can almost guarantee

by:KingKonree     2020-09-14

A popular use is that it favors the marriage custom. The bride and groom has many options that can be simple and put your names and wedding date printed on the personalized koozies, or they can be very extravagant. Most shops are examples of custom, one might add clip-art art, such as wedding bands with names under them, and the date on the back of a good marriage, as saying: 'We wanted thank you for sharing our time, 'or perhaps a romantic phrase like' Our love will grow. 'Almost anything is possible (within the limits of characters, of course).

Another creative use for beer lovers actually something I've only seen once. A family friend was having a baby, the baby was born a few weeks before, and if the baby shower had not yet taken place. This gave them plenty of time to create your birth announcements for distribution to the shower as a party favor. They were printed koozies baby blue, and the front says 'Welcome to Jared' with a pacifier, clip-art under it, according to which was the date. On the back, you had that day the baby birth weight, time and labor. What a great idea. It was really a success.

I want to mention one more creative idea, we have seen, was the last bike-a-Thon was a local high school to raise money for a fellow patient. They bought a water bottle koozies customized (so motorists could be placed in the bottle for the rack). They wore their school colors, and was the name of fundraising, name and date of classmates. Behind him was a simple 'thank you'. Anyone who was a bike-a-thon got one for free, however, hundreds were sold in concession stands to raise money even more.

As you can see is just a few ideas you can implement so eager to buy printed koozies. They're fun, creative and very helpful. Also being very profitable to promote a business.

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