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Your bathroom is your refuge, your place to relax

by:KingKonree     2020-09-11

Although the bathroom occupies a relatively lesser amount of floor area of the house, a lot of thinking needs to go into designing perfect bathroom of your choice. For this, you should first lay out a well defined plan for your bathroom before you call the service agency to start its work.

You should try to strike a balance between luxury and cost. Certain installations like frameless showers can add the sassy look to your bathroom but are priced exorbitantly compared to other shower stalls and installations. Hence you need to identify your requirements before buying the installations for your bathroom.

While installing the fixtures like the sink or the tub, a touch of classic like the pedestal sink or the claw-foot tub looks more appealing and elegant than the simple blocked cabinet types. However, it is a matter of personal choice and you should go with whichever you feel more comfortable with. Also, before you buy a tub for your bathroom, don't forget to try it out at the store so that you are comfortable with its space, depth and inclination. The type of tub also depends upon the number of simultaneous users you are buying it for. For example, a tub for two people is inclined at both ends with taps in the middle. While choosing the toilet, you have the option of saving floor space by going for a hanging model with the cistern recessed into the wall.

The flooring of the bathroom is important to make sure that water does not leak into the lower layers of your apartment floor. You choose from a variety of flooring materials over a wide price range, from vinyl sheets to ceramic, stone or marble tiles.

A bathroom is never complete without a stylish mirror in which you can appreciate your figure while having a bath. The mirror installation can be in the form of mirrored walls or a framed mirror just above the sink, or a lighted mirror set for makeup and shaving purposes. You can also save both walls as well as floor space by installing a mirror on the door of a storage cabinet recessed into the wall.

Once the fixtures are in place, you can add the touch of completion to your bath room by installing the lights to perfection and adding other decorations like flowers or candles.

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