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Your bathroom mirror should be changed! It has N kinds of beautiful existence

by:KingKonree     2021-06-30

Bathroom mirror

How can we make the bathroom at home more eye-catching? For decoration, the beauty of the bathroom has never been the same. The biggest secret is to choose a bathroom mirror that is full of aura. Don't underestimate this little mirror, it will tell you with practical effects: bathroom mirrors also have N kinds of beautiful possibilities, how can you lack exquisiteness!

Look at it together

Bathroom mirror + various shapes

Oval shape

The oval shape bathroom mirror is a word of mouth. Wrong style, when the oval mirror meets the square space, the collision between the two shapes is extremely beautiful.

If you think that an oval mirror is not enough to decorate your bathroom, then you can add some decorations to make the beauty of the mirror more prominent.


Compared with the oval shape, the round bathroom mirror has more rounded beauty. This difference makes the round bathroom mirror more soft in the whole space. , Especially when the round bathroom mirror meets the brightly colored bathroom, the impact of the visual collision is extremely strong.

Similarly, round bathroom mirrors also have many possibilities for frame decoration. If you see it with ingenuity, you will surely be excited. Whether it is straw or sling, it can be integrated into the bathroom perfectly. Add luster.


The square bathroom mirror has a strong sense of line and is relatively tough. It is a well-regulated bathroom mirror. Most people will use this shape of bathroom mirror, which can be called home decoration. The basic shape of the bathroom mirror inside.

Irregular shapes

Irregular shapes of bathroom mirrors have more possibilities in shape, and less regular shapes can make your bathroom more individual.

Bathroom mirror + storage

Mirror cabinet

Mirror cabinet can make the bathroom tidy and orderly, insect-proof and dust-proof. Especially the stainless steel mirror cabinets are very economical. With the progress of the times, bathroom cabinets are basically equipped with mirror cabinets for multi-purpose storage.

Bathroom mirror + intelligence

Smart mirror

What is the hottest thing in 2018? It must be artificial intelligence. Smart furniture gradually penetrates into every household, even bathroom mirrors. After the smart bathroom mirror is installed, it can sense the water temperature, air temperature, etc. in real time, and washing can be more scientific and healthy.

Bathroom mirror + creativity

Multi-sided combination mirror

Have you seen a bathroom mirror combined with multiple mirrors? It is just like dividing pictures in the Moments of our friends. Each picture has its own characteristics. The combination of multiple faces makes this space more flexible and more decorative.

Double-fold mirrors

The bathroom mirrors that are overlapped and crossed have a three-dimensional effect, which can visually give your bathroom an extended feature, as if looking at it is watching The same in the other world.

The beautiful bathroom mirror can make people feel better in an instant. When you wake up every morning and think of the exquisite bathroom mirror in your bathroom, the good mood of the day begins! What do you say?

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