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Your bathroom speaks volumes about you. It does

by:KingKonree     2020-08-11

How and when you use your bathroom is up to you, but the important thing to remember is your bathroom will always give you away. The phone rings and your Mum announce that she is just parking her car and 'get the kettle on!' At that moment in time you can be sure that the last thing on your mind is to get the kettle on. You are more interested in trying to remember if and when you last cleaned the bathroom? But to be honest it could be any friend relative or prospective visitor, subconsciously (and psychologically) you want to make sure that the bathroom, that special place is as clean as a whistle.

It's true, you love your bathroom. It is after all the place where you completely lower your guard and get naked with yourself. If you have family or you share your bathroom, depending on your inhibitions depends on how at one you are with each other in the bathroom. Without having to go into too much detail, your bathroom is the one place where there are no holds barred. Family time in the bathroom can be magical, singing with the children and splashing with their toys. There is no wonder that when it comes to affairs of the heart that the bathroom is often suggested as a place of romance. Many a romantic evening has begun in a hot steamy candle lit bath. But can you imagine the stress of that? Where would you start? Now do I clean the bath first or the toilet? That's even before you have picked up all the dirty washing.

As you and your family develop the bathroom becomes and place of utility. This is the place where we have a bath or shower, learn to use the toilet and bath the dog. The last thing a busy family needs is the last minute worry of the mother in law coming round. (Editor: 'this is why we have two bathrooms!') But from being a single person to being a part of a developed family your bathroom will always reflect your personality. After all you chose the decor, you chose the mirror, the lighting and the ambiance. Such reflection identifies how tidy you are, how clean you are and the amount of effort you take to look after yourself.

It is hard to think that every 10 years or so we get fed up with the look and feel of our bathrooms. Have you ever wondered why after 10,000 or so uses, why you just want to change the bathroom? The decor may have aged, perhaps you just want to refresh the paintwork or hang a new bathroom cabinet, but you just have to do it. The important aspect is to plan for your personality. And plan for the moment when the surprise visitor descends.

1 Plan for storage

2 Plan for easy clean

3 And plan for fun!

Planning for your personality is hard because you have to factor for the other people in your family. But the process is the same you need to consider the standard aesthetics of colour, lighting, colour of the bathroom suite, mirrors and bathroom cabinets. But also you will need to consider storage. You will be surprised how many toilet rolls, towls and general bathroom products the average family of four goes through. Not to mention a laundry basket with black hole dimension storage capabilities. The thing is if you get these aspect wrong in your new bathroom then you will make it easier for your bathroom to highlight your personality traits.

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