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Your kitchen is a key room for your home. If you've

by:KingKonree     2020-09-01

There are three main types of stone worktops: Natural, composite and synthetic, each with their own properties and prices, and I will talk about them in order.

Natural rock worktops have a deep shine and beauty that is very hard to beat. At Granite Concepts we use only granite natural rock, as we find other natural materials inferior from the point of view of beauty, ruggedness and stain resistance. The different colours of the granite reflect where it was quarried, and we source our granite from all over the world, notably spain and brazil where trace pigments give the granite it's desired sheen, pattern and colour. The minor variations in the rock just add to it's beauty; it's intricate never-repeating pattern is the ultimate in luxury, and surprisingly affordable, especially considering the value it adds to your property.

Granite is also very tough stuff. It is the second hardest rock found on the planet (only diamond is harder!) and has a better impact resistance than stainless steel! With just a little care a granite worktop will outlast even your house.

Corian is a 100% synthetic material from Dupont, and in case you are interested in such things it is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. Corian, being man-made, is almost impervious to staining. It simply does not absorb any water! This makes it more hygienic too, as bacteria can be easily wiped from the surface.

Corian comes in many colours, somewhere over 100 (you should be able to find a finish to fit any colourscheme!); and because it is a synthetic stone, can be thermoformed at temperatures over 150 degrees celcius. (This does mean of course that you shouldn't put your hot pans on it! But then, you shouldn't do that with any worktop anyway). Essentially this means versatility - any shape, any size, with no joins. And in the rare event that it takes traumatic damage, it can easily be repaired: new sections welded in or scratches polished down. Corian is very much the material of the future!

Composite materials (we refer to them as Quartz) are a mixture of crushed granite and resin. They have the advantages of possessing the allure of natural stone and the hardwearing qualities of man-made materials - and at a very attractive price too. There are several major manufacturers, and an enormous choice of finishes and colours. Even though it doesn't quite have the snob value of natural granite, quartz is in many respects the ideal kitchen worktop material, giving you the benefits of beauty, longevity and price.

At the end of the day, each worktop material has it's own advantages, and whichever of these three you choose I'm confident you'll get a great worktop.

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