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Bathroom Sink Manufacturers Pure white home plate How to use and maintain materials

by:KingKonree     2018-09-28

No matter how many styles you can choose, there are always some people who simply love the purity of white. However, in the large white space, the most frightening thing is that the decoration is white and snowy. After half a year to one year, such as sliding doors, cabinets, and countertops, which often touch the surface, leave a trace of gray, yellow, yellow, especially in the white of a room.

The material selection is correct.

Target: four kinds of home-made materials such as beauty-resistant board, piano paint, white board spray, solid surface, etc., share the material characteristics. In addition, the correct white material is selected in different areas, and the maintenance after the stay will be much easier.

First, the US board

If there are budgetary considerations, the cheap and durable white melamine board is the first choice. Compared with the common methods such as painting, the surface of the melamine board is hard, so it can be used for cabinets, desktops and walls. The disadvantage is that the black line on the side of the beautiful board, the excellent network reminds the owner who pays attention to the details can be considered clearly, the side black line is a problem with the beautiful board, but as long as one more step, use the spray paint to spray the side , you can solve this problem.

Second, piano paint

The bright white color makes the tasters specify the use of piano paint, which can be sent to the factory steel regardless of size. If you don't like the eye-catching bright surface, you can also choose the frosty cold grilling; of course, the high texture is relatively high. Paying a higher price, in addition, the biggest disadvantage of piano paint is: afraid of scratching, so it is not suitable for use on the desktop, especially if you insist on using piano paint, you can match the table mat to not scratch the surface.

Third, spray paint

Compared with painting, the painting process is fast and has no problem, and it has a meticulous integrity. It is suitable for large-area treatment such as home wall. It is necessary to pay special attention to the natural oil or hand stain of the skin. It is easy to leave the painted area that is often touched dirty, so try to avoid wall movements as much as possible, or replace the frequently touched position with other white materials. The excellent installation network reminds the picture: the invisible door piece is embedded in the mirror mosaic as the handle, and the multiple touch will not leave the white space dirty.

Fourth, solid surface

With the high-quality texture of marble, the pores are not as thick as natural stone, so it is better to maintain. It is suitable for use on the work surface of desks and kitchen cooking areas. The biggest advantage is that after a long time of use, the excellent network reminder will still produce. Scratches or color problems, but artificial stone does not need a whole piece of new, as long as sent to the factory to re-polish wax, it will be as bright as new! However, among the four materials, the price of solid surface is also the highest, so still Pay attention to the budget.

White home How to clean every day?

No matter which kind of white material, if it can be treated immediately when it is dirty, it is not difficult to maintain. It is recommended to use the fine cloth to wipe with water. If there is smudge, you need to use cleaning products. Choose environmentally friendly to remove oil to enhance cleaning. Want to have a time-honored white family, in addition to the owner of the house must be psychologically prepared, need to be careful to use and pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, in fact, in the interior decoration materials part of the pre-conceived whether it is clean? Durable? According to future use Habit, is it suitable to apply this building material? Excellent installation network reminds that when discussing with the designer, these questions can be raised and fully communicated, and the chances of being annoyed because of difficult maintenance can be reduced in the future!

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