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KingKonree With nature, talk about recently -with nature Bathroom Sink Manufacturers

by:KingKonree     2018-09-19

This year, I have been busy, often doing my best for new ideas and designs, and I have had a little bit of success. Although I was surprised, I was unable to steal it. I know that I have to do a lot. In the future, we will There are more peers. In the artificial stone industry, I am not the one who runs the fastest. I am a young man in this industry. I can only learn hunger and thirst every day.

Because of the existence of a project in Hangzhou, I began to deeply consider all the possibilities of artificial stone to do the exterior wall of curved shaped building. We brought amazing experience to our customers and gradually accumulated our own experience.

Today, when I saw the Italian designer's friend passed on his latest project, I was deeply moved. The series was named Roman Vlasov. The good design works are in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Such harmony and unity is rare, and naturally touches my heart.

I personally designed the integrated solid surface wash basin for the customer. After the completion, the customer is very satisfied.

The newly opened morpheus hotel in Macau has been amazingly designed by the design of Zaha Hadid. What is unknown is the indoor DuPont Corian integrated wash basin and DuPont Corian Bar, which fully demonstrates that we are in the man-made Stone design and production delivery capabilities. In the follow-up, I will specialize in a little bit about our operation of this project.

I am very grateful to the recommendation of Chengdu Kuanyi Yulian Design Co., Ltd., I was able to customize and deliver 16 sets of integrated solid surface sinks for Tianjin Yinghua International School. The project manager of the construction unit signed today signed a letter from Weixin to me and gave me great encouragement. I am especially grateful and grateful to Jiangsu Province for its construction.

I am very grateful to Azi, who once again showed this artificial stone outdoor landscape bench, which is highly regarded by the whole country, in Shanghai. It is very special in Shanghai.

This year, I also specially arranged some artificial stone felt boards, which is very interesting and is now exported to London, England.

Because of the needs of a client's private life, we finally provided this creative product to the Hotel Indigo Dubai.

In 2018, I went deeper and deeper in the star-line hotel bathing area. We introduced two polyurethane acrylic bathtub production lines from Italy. Let me fully understand the great advantages of replacing styrene-free polyurethane products in replacing glass fiber. In particular, the hardness and thermal insulation performance of the styrene-free release made me praise. Due to our advantages, we successfully won the Bahraini number. A five-star hotel bath order.

Styrene-free polyurethane is the best alternative to fiberglass: it has great strength and elasticity, above average sound and heat insulation. It does not contain any chemical additives that emit toxic substances during processing and product use. It is a 'clean' (in accordance with the latest European emission standards DM 16.01.2004 nr. 44 - Directive 19 no 99/13/EC), no matter whether it is produced or used during production, and will not be released until the final decomposition. Any toxic substances and can be recycled for reuse. Achieve pollution-free and toxic substances to enhance the properties of the material. Respect the environment and strive to protect the health of our customers and create a better living environment.

Bathtub in Bahrain

Similarly, we have customized 350 sets of polyurethane acrylic bathtubs for Hyatt Regency Dubai, and ordered the same polyurethane acrylic bathtub for Kaiyuan Hotel in Jinhua, Zhejiang. What I will continue to do in the future is to let the partners I have worked with are proud and proud of using my products.

In particular, we are about to deliver the delivery of 17 one-piece polyurethane acrylic sinks in Jiangyin Future Brain Kindergarten. This is also entirely due to our custom-made customers, and customers have been waiting for a long time.

Every product we deliver is a work of art, and our packaging is also very particular. I am grateful to customers and friends from all over the world.

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