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KKR Concrete Grey Bathroom Vanities for US Hotel

Project:  KKR Bathroom Vanities for US Hotel


Project Description:

Customer: Hotel in the USA

Product: Bathroom Vanity

Material:  Acrylic solid surface sheet

Application: KKR's bathroom vanity is applicable to all industries.

Feature: High durability for long-lasting use and easy maintenance; anti yellowness & scratch & abrasion, grey color, perfect joint, and anti permeation


KKR solid surface bathroom wares are nonporous and durable enough to withstand day-to-day using.

About Seller: KingKonree International China Surface Industrial Co.,Ltd

KKR has made 425 pcs of grey bathroom vanities and integrated sinks for US hotel project which are all completed seamlessly.

KKR is specialized in acrylic solid surface since 2000, KKR has accumulated rich experience in customization and it has been cooperating with big hotel projects abroad.

The seamless joint is KKR's biggest advantage.

KKR has exported lots of solid surface sanitary wares to hotels all over the world.



Here are the tips for Dark Solid Surface Bathroom Wares' cleaning and maintenance to keep the original beauty in prime condition:

--- Rinse them after each use in time to prevent mineral or soap accumulation. Most dirt can be washed off by the clean water.

---Wipe the surface with a soft cloth in time after rinsing to keep them clean and dry.

---Reseal the bathroom wares once or twice a year with car wax to keep the natural gloss effect.


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