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KingKonree - Solid Surface Manufacturer of Sanitary Ware, Solid Surface Countertops & Sheets for over 24 years, innovation in moulding and thermoforming


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KKR's Service philosophy


In Brief,KingKonree International was originally created to provide new levels of performance in Bathroom Vanities and kitchen countertop applications. Today our products are used in a myriad of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality environments.   

Commitment to Innovation:

A passionate commitment to product and manufacturing innovation is at the heart of our company. At Kingkonree International, we keep abreast of changing trends and aspirations of the design community. The inspiration and vision of architects & designers, combined with Kingkonree International’s commitment to product advancement has led to a number of world first developments within the solid surface industry.

All KingKonree International research and development is driven by the needs of the architects, designers and customers that specify and use our products.

Commitment to the Environment:

All KingKonree International solid surface materials enjoy extended life-of-use as compared to most interiors materials. KingKonree International can be easily repaired and refinished back to its original condition, reducing the need to replace or dispose of it. It can also be removed, re-cut and either reinstalled as a new design or seamlessly reworked into new products, reducing demand for virgin materials and reducing waste.

Commitment to Customers:

KingKonree International solid surface sheet products are supplied with a 10-year limited warranty to ensure peace of mind for our customers.

Commitment to Quality:

Any product bearing the name KingKonree International has been made in accordance with our stringent specifications and strict guidelines. By maintaining the highest levels of governance we are confident that all KingKonree International materials meet the high standards we have set for ourselves.Only trained and accredited fabricators can purchase and work raw KingKonree International solid surface sheets. Accredited fabricator arrangements ensure our clients receive only the highest quality, best value materials and service the market has to offer.

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