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Solid Surface Basin Project

As with any interior scheme, your designs for the bathroom represent an opportunity to realize your unique style. 
Kingkonree solid surface basin offers variety inspirational to embody your design ideas.

In addition to Kingkonree prefabricated bathroom sinks, we can produce according to your own designs in any size, shape, style or color, to meet your project needs.
Whether you opt for customized or prefabricated bathroom sinks, you can count on the highest levels of longevity in performance, versatility and easy maintenance. 

Until now, Kingkonree has done a lot of stars hotel projects, such as the hundreds of AC Hotel, D Hotel, Hilton, Marriott.
Hundreds of project case will bring you abundant design reference.

Some small tips for using a solid surface basin (1)Don't scratch with sharp objects to solid surface basin. But don’t worry, it’s renewable by polishing. (2)Do not put hot objects directly on the surface basin for a long time (3) Keep the solid surface wash basin in surface dry condition.
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