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solid surface supplier The kitchen decoration is the most taboo to make these 10 mistakes. I have 5 in my family and I want to c

by:KingKonree     2018-09-28

There is an old saying in China that the people are eating for the sky, so the decoration of the kitchen is the most important thing. The design of the kitchen decoration must first consider the safety issue. Concealed works must be done well, especially in the kitchen socket position, otherwise it will affect the size and overall effect of the kitchen cabinet. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the mistakes that can be avoided in the kitchen decoration.

When the decoration is not perfect, but we have to do our best to make it do not regret, kitchen decoration is the focus of the entire home decoration, the kitchen is a place we will use, but also a place that is related to our health. The kitchen decoration is the most taboo to make these 10 mistakes. I have 5 in my family and I want to change it all late! Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

What mistakes do you make in kitchen renovation?

1. Many people are more cost-effective in selecting materials when they are renovating, so they choose a smaller antique brick, but you stick this tile with a lot of gaps, so dirty things. It is easy to hide inside. It is better to choose a larger glazed tile in the kitchen, so it is easier to take care of it.

2, the kitchen lighting is also designed to pay special attention to details, there will be no phenomenon that the operating area is very invisible. If you need to design lighting at the bottom of the cabinet, this effect is also good.

3, if your home kitchen does not have a check valve installed, this will appear the smell of other people's home cooking to their own home. Therefore, we can install a small check valve when installing, so as to prevent the entry of soot.

4, the panel selection of the cabinet is also to pay special attention to. If the cabinet door panel is selected from the paint material, it is easy to chemically react and oxidize in this environment. Therefore, it is recommended that the cabinet door panel should not choose this material.

5, the countertop of the cabinet is best not to choose solid surface, because this material is good-looking, but it is not durable, it is easy to crack, it is more suitable to use marble material.

6. Each area must be clearly designed at the time of design, especially if the operation area cannot be too far away from the sink. It would be inconvenient to operate this way.

7. I believe that many people don't understand why the water pipe under the wash basin should be made into a trap. In fact, this design is to prevent the odor from leaving, so when choosing this product, you should choose a good brand with good quality. This will be better.

8. We know that there are more appliances in the kitchen, so we can reserve more when setting up the socket. If it is not enough later, it will be troublesome to use it.

9, the kitchen gas is generally set to two valves, the purpose is to better control the stove and gas water heaters.

10. Everyone on the stove wall knows that it is very difficult to clean. In fact, you can use a stainless steel plate to block it during installation!

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