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What is the height of the child's washbasin

by:KingKonree     2021-04-21

  The bathroom is a very important space in our daily life, and the more important thing in the bathroom is the handwashing table. Our washing and hand washing usually end on the handwashing table, but do you know how high the handwashing table is?

How high is the washbasin in general:

The washbasin plays a more important role in our daily lives. The installation height of the sink is generally under counter basin: countertop 850mm, above counter basin: countertop 750mm, this is our standard size, just as a reference size, if the height of the family is relatively high, then we The height of the sink can be appropriately set higher. If the average height of the people in the family is not very high, then we should set the sink lower, which is helpful for us to use the sink normally.

What is the height of the sink mirror:

   When installing the sink, a mirror is usually installed along with it, which can help us do our usual tidy work, but Do you know the height of the sink mirror? Generally, the height of the washbasin is 800 cm-900 cm, which is 200 cm-300 cm higher than the countertop. The upper part generally does not exceed 1800 cm-1900 cm. The size of the mirror is also related. The size of the sink mirror is generally 350-500mm wide and 450-500mm high. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the height of the sink mirror.

  The precautions for the installation of bathroom sinks:

  1. Leave enough distance between the two basins, Otherwise, they will affect each other when used.

  2. Because of the staggered support under the countertop of the counter basin, the disassembly and assembly are complicated. If the length of the countertop is small, it is difficult to guarantee the installation quality during installation.

  3. After installation, the overall appearance of the under-counter basin is relatively clean and easy to take care of. It should be noted that the joint between the basin and the countertop is a place where dirt and dirt are easily hidden to prevent mildew.

  4. The under-counter basin has higher requirements for the installation process. First, the mounting bracket must be customized according to the size of the under-counter basin, and then the under-counter basin is installed in a predetermined position, and the bracket will be opened after fixing the bracket The countertop cover of the hole is fixed on the wall on the undercounter basin.

   In life, children sometimes use the sink, so how high should a child's sink be? Generally, we will decorate children's sinks with a height of about 0.5m.

  After reading the above article, I hope it will help you in your life.

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