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Acrylic solid surface bathtub an excellent choice for quality of life


Compared to the shower, the bathtub bath on the health benefits of greater relaxation of the body, beauty beauty, clean skin. Therefore, the life of high-quality living needs, so that acrylic bath to become the preferred bath. A high-quality bathtub to bring quality of life to improve the nature of the emperor bathroom with its high-quality acrylic materials, fashion styling become the best choice for consumers.


High-quality raw materials


There are many kinds of bathtub materials in the market, such as acrylic, cast iron, artificial stone, wood, ceramics and so on. Each material has its own characteristics, but consumers choose the same standard: easy cleaning, anti- Durable, etc., of course, stylish and modern is also very valued.


In a number of materials in artificial stone acrylic solid surface with its not rust, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, load-bearing advantages, strong occupy the bathtub market, the largest sales of the bathtub, the largest type of a style.


KKR artificial stone acrylic solid surface bathtub body from the surface layer (acrylic) and the inner layer (high-strength glass fiber) compound made, making the bathtub with high brightness, rich colors, anti-aging and easy to clean and other functions, load-bearing capacity is also other bathtubs can not Par. At the same time the emperor sanitary ware acrylic bathtub production of advanced technology, the surface layer with a close layer, not hierarchical, no percussion sound; surface smooth, uniform color, under the light to watch, no rugged, mixed color and so on. In this case,


KKR artificial stone acrylic solid surface bathtub shape changeable, square, oval, triangular, round, etc .; function into the surfing cylinder and non-surfing cylinder; style of classical, modern, European, Japanese and so on; On a yellow, red, green, blue, etc., can also be tailored according to home improvement style. From the shape, function and color to meet the different needs of consumers in three areas, to create quality sanitary life. In this case,


KKR artificial stone acrylic solid surface bathtub using high-quality acrylic solid surface raw materials, changing the style of fashion modeling, both easy to clean, anti-aging, high brightness, rich colors, strong pressure and other characteristics, so that the bath into a comfortable enjoyment.


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