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Designing a Bathroom for your Home with Kingkonree


Following a few simple best-planning practices can help you get beautiful results when designing a bathroom with Kingkonree® solid surface and quartz surface.

Step Back and Take Stock

The first thing you need to understand about designing a bathroom is The Why, as in, “why exactly are you doing it?” Assess precisely what’s working and what’s failing in your current bathroom. Is the look dated? Are the fixtures nearing the end of the road? Is the goal to increase the value of your home, or are you in your space for the long term and purely interested in satisfying your own aesthetic aspirations and practical needs? Clearly understanding your own motivations and aspirations is critically important when designing a bathroom.

Your Bathroom Design Checklist

Click here for a handy checklist to help you get started designing a bathroom.

Exquisite Surfaces

No matter whether it’s a simple cosmetic remodeling project or a gut renovation, Kingkonree® solid surface and quartz surface are your best friends when you’re designing a bathroom for your home. Stunningly beautiful and possessed of performance characteristics that make them a perfect fit for residential baths, these surfaces can make planning your bath project a positive pleasure. To make matters even simpler, you can choose from a wide range of Kingkonree® and vanity counter tops, and edges and inlays, as well as Kingkonree® bathroom sinks, and ready-to-install tub and shower surrounds.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors, Shimmers, and Sheets

Kingkonree® offer the residential bath conceptualist an embarrassment of riches when it comes to color palette, finish, and even form. Deploy both surfaces to mutual advantage in designs that achieve a kind of exquisite counterpoint, exploiting the interplay of earthy, grounding pure quartz crystal in Kingkonree® quartz surfaces, and the ethereal color and lighting effects possible with Kingkonree® solid surface. See the Colors of Kingkonree® and the Colors of Kingkonree® to browse colors and order samples.

My Room Designer

We’ve created a simple yet powerful tool to get you visualizing all the possibilities when designing a bathroom for your home. Our room design tool can help you turn your most fanciful residential bath design inspiration into breathtaking fact. Our comprehensive room design tool gives you the power to compare and combine bath surfaces and color schemes, so you can really see if your bathroom design ideas are going to work.

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