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How to choose wash basin?


1.Wash basin materials in the market

*Acrylic wash basin 

*Stainless steel wash basin

*Ceramic wash basin

*Glass wash basin

*Acrylic solid surface bathtub

During these materials,the Acrylic solid surface wash basin with highest level.One solid surface wash basin weight around 

20kg.Acrylic solid surface wash basin express more warm feeling and made by mould.

2.KKR acrylic solid surface wash basin classification.

* Wall hung wash basin

* Above Counter Wash Basin

* Cabinet Basin 

* Freestanding Wash Basin

3.Why choose KKR acrylic solid surface wash basin.

KKR is one stop service factory,products include solid surface baths,wash basin,solid surface sheet,kitchen sink countertops, vanity tops, reception desk and so on.

*The Raw material we use with 1000m aluminum powder. The surface touches fine,no water mark

*Solid surface wash basin is easy to clean,it can be renewable.

*KKR solid surface wash basin with CE,SGS test report.

*KKR solid surface wash basin pigment with UK “RL” brand and color stable 

*with features of Anti-fungal,Stain resistance, fire resistance, high temperature resistance.

*KKR solid surface wash basin with 10 years warranty

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