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How to Clean Solid Surface Stone Bathroom Wares?


Routine Care

KKR light solid surface bathroom wares are very easy to clean. Here are the routine care steps.

--- Rinse them after each use in time to prevent mineral or soap accumulation. Most dirt will be washed off with clean water. 

---Wipe the sanitary ware surface with a soft cloth in time after rinsing to keep them clean and dry.

---Occasionally use widely approved mild and neutral cleaning products to remove more stubborn stains, such as CIF, Mr. Chen, Soft Scrub, Comet Soft Cleanser and etc.

---Reseal the bathroom wares once or twice a year with car wax to keep the natural shine.

Note: Never use petroleum-based products when make cleaning, such as Paint thinners or other solvents, as they may damage the surface.

KKR After-sales Service 

For more professional guidance, please contact our Customer Service Department with detailed products pictures or videos. We will provide the most suitable solution as quickly as we can.

About KKR:

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