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KKR Create Your Own Style Solid Surface Vanity Tops


Whati is KKR solid surface vanity top

KKR solid surface vanity top make by KKR solid surface sheet,which is an artificial material that is composed of a combination of top quality material aluminum hydroxide, epoxy, or polyester resins, color pigments, and acrylic chips in variety and it is processed by kingkoree's exquisite technology with full experience.


What is the Application of Solid Surface?

Solid surfaces slab are popular fabricated into kitchen and bath countertops, commercial food preparation areas, tablets, and desktops, reception desks, workstations, window sills, laboratory bench tops, bar tops, and other living space applications due to their good performance and beautiful design elements.


Types or solid surface vanity top and compare with other material

The solid surface vanity top can be divided into the following two types:

1)make by100% Pure Solid Surface Sheet

PMMA/Polyvinyl Resin content is Higher than the Composite Solid Surface Sheet.100%pure solid surface slab and could make for a special shape vanity top if require bend.


2)make by Modified/Composite Solid Surface Sheet

The “MODIFIED/COMPOSITE” is in common with the “PURE” when use for the flat countertop, but with less PMMA/resin. In most cases, the modified slabs are good enough for flatness products. it is more affordable and competitive in price.

Solid surface vanity top is that the material is highly durable and can last for decades. Other countertop materials such as ceramic, laminate, and wood can dent and crack, and even more expensive countertop products such as granite, marble, and soapstone are prone to scratching.


What are the benefits of solid surface vanity top?

Good performance

-Stain Resistant

-Anti-bacteria (Mold and Mildew Resistant)

-Renewable and Repairable

-Invisible Joint Seams

Eco-friendly and hygienic

Users may dependably build environmentally friendly spaces that are in line with the health and wellbeing of their inhabitants. Solid Surface contributes to Green Building because of its absence of hazardous chemicals and exceptionally low levels of volatile organic compounds.


Gives a prefect look-Invisible Joint Seams

KKR Concept provides an entirety that will highlight any bath or restroom.

When you choose a solid surface vanity top, you will receive a lighter countertop with no seams.


Why Choose KKR solid surface vanity countertop?

Follow your style solid surface vanity countertop

KKR vanity tops come in a variety of colors and patterns, each featuring unique particulate patterns, natural marble texture, customized style, etc more than 300 colors for choosing,

KKR focuses on skillfully combining timeless patterns with superior solid surface technology. adding your style beauty to any environment.

-KKR superior natural marble texture color vanity top

-KKR solid surface vanity top seamless joint with KKR solid surface basin


The whole set stone solid surface vanity top and solid surface basin could be 180°seamless joint compared with other materials (ceramics, Quartz, rock plate, etc),


Solve the problem of broken lines when splicing countertop and open-mold basin, no section, and high processing technology. does not absorb water or dirt, which is convenient and beautiful.

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