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KKR has particiapated in many international industrial fairs. Here not only does it bring you to the lastest solid surface wares but also fill you in with knowledge about solid surafce sheet product

which sheds lighs on you to handpick best cabinet basin, solid surface stool and bathtub.

 Click each of  them and know more about KKR and what is trendy nowadays!

The RENAISSANCE DOWNTOWN HOTEL is one of the Marriot’s hotels located just a stone’s throw from the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai. In 2015, KKR successfully supplied over 200 solid surface stone bathtubs for this unconventional and unique hotel.
KKR Solid Surface is highly sought-after by customers.
We never stop moving forward over the years and have been advocating and promoting Ingenuity Manufacturing with the passion of craftman. KKR’s products have been highly sought after and won reputation at home and abroad. Media showed great attention to report as well, Chuanbin Lee, the founder of KKR was interviewed by CCTV 9 at the exhibition site and was invited to participate in the selection campaign for Quality Brand Pioneer Project.
We are attending the 125th Canton Fair this week
A lot of new designs coming up since the last Canton Fair, as you might noticed, there are new colours sanitary ware show up on our booth. Dark concrete grey, pearl grey light color, with or without small grain, all of them given more selection for bathroom. We do have customers want to buy it for home use directly in the fair, unfortunately, it’s just a few days for the show, LOL!
KKR products are the offspring of our focus, hard work, and ingenuity.
KKR observed the grand opening of the Xiamen International Stone Fair on 6th, March which will last to 9th, March. More than 2000 companies from about 40 countries participate in the fair. As a fast-growing company who has been participating the show for many years, KKR attracts widespread attention both inside and outside of the industry with its various fascinating new products.
Hello 2019, Hi KKR
Hello everyone, we just came back from the Chinese New Year and kick off working. We are agog to share with you the good news that KKR here comes to it’s new generation, as we enlarged our factory and introduced more advanced automation equipments, which production capacity and efficiency has been improved a lot. We will keep on developing more new design models and high quality products in 2019.
KKR attended the IBS Exhibition in 2019.
IBS exhibition was held in Las Vegas convention center on Feb. 19th 2019. As an expert of solid surface products, and a leader of solid surface bath ware and fabrication industry, KKR is honored to be invited to attend the IBS exhibition. IBS held its first edition in 1944, and it will be the 75th edition in 2019, more than 70 years of exhibitors and visitors to the accumulation of the world's largest and influential building materials industry expo, It is also very famous in Europe and the world.
Acrylic Bathtubs Vs Acrylic Solid Surface Bathtubs
Some clients may misunderstand our acrylic solid surface bathtubs and confuse them with normal acrylic bathtubs. Then they raise the question of “why your acrylic baths so expensive, even up to triple the price of acrylic solid surface bathtubs?” Actually, these two products are completely different. Hereby we list the differences of these two products to help you understand 1. View of the structure Normal acrylic tubs consist of several layers, the upper layer is 3-4mm of Polymeric Methyl Methacrylate(PMMA)which also called acrylic glass and is the face of acrylic tub. Under the face or skin of the tub is the reinforced fiber glass back bonded by polyester resin, which strengthens the structure and is usually 4-5mm thick. This is why some some people prefer to call an acrylic bathtub a “fiberglass bathtub”.
KKR Invitation for the 19th Xiamen International Stone Fair
As one of the most professional stone fairs in China, the 19th Xiamen International Stone Fair is coming soon! We KKR will be there again to meet all of you from both home and abroad. With our latest solid surface stone products, KKR welcome to your visit! Date: March 6-9th, 2019 Booth No.: C1061 Address: Xiamen International Conference& Exhibition Center
Invitation---2019 KBIS/ IBS International Builders Show Las Vegas
As 19 years professional manufacturer of solid surface in China, more than 100 projects in US. we Kingkonree will be attending the 2019 KBIS/ IBS International Builders Show Las Vegas from 2019/02/19 to 2018/02/21.
KKR Upgraded Factory
A good news of KKR Upgraded Factory! To meet with the ever-growing requirements of our customers, KKR upgraded it’s factory with bigger scale and better environments. KKR factory cover an area of 15000 sqm and has been segmented into three workshops: 5000 sqm for solid surface sheet. 7000 sqm for sanitary ware, including bathtub, wash basin, shower tray etc. The left 3000 sqm is for fabrication products, such as the kitchen countertops, integrated vanity top with basin, bar table and many other creative items.
Welcome to The 124th Canton Fair
KKR has many years' experience in participating in exhibitions both at home and abroad, such as Canton Fair, IBS in US., BIG5 in Dubai, Xiamen Stone Fair in China Etc.
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High-End Luxury KKR Marble Colour Wall Panel & Vanity Top & Freestanding Bath
With 18 year manufacture, we have gathered a group of skilled workers with at least 7 year experience. They are all top qualified workers, whatever to operate the advanced equipment or to go through detailed process. They make the product impeccable. KKR is well recognized for 18-year professional experience in designing, developing and manufacturing, complete category, hundreds of colors and a variety of types for one-stop purchasing, custom service and special shape product processing.
Acrylic Solid Surface Application and Characteristics
Acrylic Solid surface is a non-porous low-maintenance material used for surfaces such as countertops. It can mimic the appearance of granite, marble, stone, and other naturally occurring materials, and can be joined nearly invisibly by a trained craftsman. Typically manufactured in sheet form for fabrication into finished countertops, acrylic solid surface can also be cast into a variety of shapes, including sinks, shower pans and bathtubs. Sheet goods can also be heated and bent into three-dimensional shapes using a process called thermoforming, which adds to the versatility of the product. Color and design flexibility are key factors when choosing engineered composites over natural stone.
Comparison on solid surface bathroom sinks & ceramic bathroom basins
As it is widely known, ceramic and porcelain sinks have been widely accepted for a great number of years, and most people are used to selecting porcelain basins for their bathroom vanity. As a great alternative, acrylic solid surface sinks have become more and more popular among hotel designers and home designers as there are many advantages over ceramic bathroom sinks. Let’s see what features solid surface bathroom basins have that ceramic bathroom basins do not:
Kingkonree As a Leading Solid Surface Sanitary Ware Factory
Kingkonree has begun to provide users world-wide with high-quality solid surface stone bathtub and solid surface wash basin since 2000. We are a leading manufacturer in the solid surface sanitary ware industry.
Freestanding Solid Surface Wash basin KKR-1394
Freestanding solid surface wash basin KKR-1394 is not only designed as a simple sink, but as a sculpture to convey emotions. The freestanding solid surface wash basin builds elegant and discreet atmosphere to fit the sink to soft and sophisticated environments.
White solid surface baths for Bathroom
Recent trends in architecture throughout the years have lead to the design of larger bathrooms. Modern freestanding bathtubs are a work of art and have become a more centralized part of the bathroom.
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