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50 old sofas, 700 Republican cabinets, can you use these old furniture?|Shanghai|Residential list...

by:KingKonree     2020-04-23

You must have sighed more than once, how beautiful is Vintage furniture? These 'old things' are placed in a modern home, which is really beautiful and unique. Note that it is in the 'home of modernity.' What you see is the beautiful appearance after they have been cleaned and repaired. They can't receive so much praise when they are in the corner of the flea market.

From the 'waste items' to the 'finger of the eye' in the home is a long process that requires patience, luck and even imagination. The model of living in this issue Liu Hongyi is keen on scouring old furniture, and every time he passes a flea market, he must go in. He only moved back to the big sofa of Meikemeijia for 500 pieces, and he took the 700 pieces to wash his hands.

He said, 'Second-hand useful traces, wood and leather natural materials, the traces used are very beautiful. The low price is also the natural advantage of old furniture, summed up is cheap and good-looking.' (Click to enter the homeowner to live well page)

Homeowner Liu Hongjun

Professional entrepreneur

Age 80

House location Qingpu District, Shanghai

Room type 3 rooms 1 hall 1 kitchen 2 bathroom 141 square meters

Total renovation time 6 months

The total cost of renovation is 300,000 yuan

Length of stay 2 years 4 months

Design plan and wife design

Home Inspiration Know what kind of life you want, like to pick up old goods.

The following pictures and texts are from the live app user 'Liu Hongyi'

▲ one floor

▲ second floor

▲ living room

Living room, dining room and kitchen.

▲ living room

The purple-red sofa looks like the old Shanghai taste, and it is bought in 50 people who collect waste.

▲ living room

Weaken the sense of presence of television. Standing on the balcony can touch the leaves.

▲ living room

The second-hand Meikemeijia sofa bought by the store was 500 pieces. Later, I went to visit Meikemeijia. I asked if I wanted to change the fabric. She calculated that it would cost about 8,000 pieces.

▲ living room

The bookshelf buys wooden boards by yourself, and then finds the iron frame made by the village craftsmen.

▲ living room

The upstairs and downstairs floors are second-hand, the living room is 45 degrees diagonally, and the solid wood composite flooring with knots is very rare, and the color texture is very good.


I have been entangled for a long time or chose an open kitchen. I wanted to make a wall under the window. It was too small and then I put a small desk.


The real brick wall is painted with a white paint.

▲ second floor bathroom

This Republican cabinet was seen in a village selling antique furniture. At that time, the cabinet was thrown on the side of the road, the boss was not there, or the owner of the next-door shop helped to call the price, from one thousand to seven hundred, and finally found a small truck to pull back, super cool ! Later changed into a sink, the wife's creativity, the floor tile pattern is what she thought, the bathtub matte artificial stone, must be matte, even if it is not easy to clean up, it must be matte.

▲ first floor bathroom

The whole piece of wood is gold silk teak, the small mirror is the previous one, the sink is matte artificial stone 50cm wide, too small...

▲ bedroom

Find a nice branch in a friend's studio.

▲ balcony

14 flat terraces with outdoor paint on the walls.

▲ another bathroom

Western peony is planted in an old-fashioned commode. It feels very fertile, the roadside is smashed, and the cover is carved.

Want to know where he is going to find old furniture?

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