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A kitchen facelift is the simple, easy way to

by:KingKonree     2020-09-04

At present, ktichens and bathrooms don't add the value to your home that they used to. According to HSBC, a new kitchen five years ago would add on as much as 19,000 to the value of your home. Fast forward to 2012 and that figure has dropped to 4,000. It's the same with other renovations too - the best way to update your home and add value is to find a high quality yet cost effective way to get a new kitchen. This is where kitchen facelifts are ideal.

With a kitchen facelift, you can update your cupboard doors, handles, worktops and appliances. There are hundreds of designs to choose from much look looking for a brand new kitchen. You can still achieve the exact look you want, except it's a lot quicker and cheaper. Whether you are looking for a sleek modern kitchen, or a country shaker style kitchen you can get those looks and everything in between with a kitchen facelift company. Not only will you be able to change just the cupboard doors and worktops, you'll also be able to change accessories etc too.

By using high quality cupboard doors, drawer fronts and worktops you can help with the overall quality and longevity of your kitchen. You can also have drawer slides and hinges to enable your cupboard doors to consistently stay closed without them sticking. It's best not to choose drawers or cupboards that are stapled together or made of particleboard.

For the modern or sleek look to your new kitchen, consider high gloss white or cream cabinets with steel handles, or no handles giving the impression of clean uncluttered lines. Make sure you choose a solid, durable worktop, that can betemplated and sanded to your specification so it looks like a one piece, smooth hard surface with integrated sink units. Laminates are available in various quality and colourrangesand are a cost effective option. marble, slate, granite surfaces are pricey and difficult to install.

Country style kitchens are suited to traditional homes or cottages, and include shaker style cabinets and brass fittings. If you live in an apartment or new build home you might prefer to opt for a sleek smooth line kitchen to give it that modern feel.

Whichever kitchen style you go for, if you're happy with the general layout of your kitchen and don't feel that you want to rip it out and start all over again, a kitchen facelift is your answer and will be a lot less stressful to install than a complete renovation.

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