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Among the different kitchen counter tops that

by:KingKonree     2020-08-14

Quartz Worktops composition:

This type of kitchen top is made by mixing quartz powder with other resins to come up with a quality countertop that could last for a life time. In addition to the hardness property, Quartz worktops are also non porous in nature that gives it the added strength to last longer. In some cases, a small quantity of anti-bacterial substances is also added to the Quartz and the resin mixture. This makes it highly resistant to the bacterial and fungus attacks. During the manufacturing of Quartz worktops, different colour pigments are added to get quartz tops of different attractive colours. A combination of more than one colour can also be achieved.

Features of Kitchen Quartz worktops:

Some of the salient features of the quartz worktops are:

1. highly lustrous in nature: Compared to the other type of kitchen tops including granite and Corian, these countertops come with added lustre. This lustrous nature of the quartz countertop can be retained for a prolonged duration by proper and simple routine maintenance.

2. Three dimensional appearance: Quartz provides a three dimensional look in terms of depth to the people viewing the kitchen top from the sides of the countertops. This is a rich visual experience that cannot be provided by other types of countertops.

3. Highly durable in nature and doesn't even show a crack even when subjected to high temperatures.

Benefits of installing Quartz Countertops:

Quartz worktops are fully resistant to stain and don't require any external work such as sealing.

2. As mentioned earlier, provides a shining and three dimension appearance as opposed to the dull and solid appearance of the other types of countertops

3. Extremely resistant to heat and are capable of handling the different heating functions for different food items.

4. This type of countertop has the highest resale value among the different varieties of kitchen counter tops. As the lustre and the richness of the quartz surface can be retained for a longer duration, it can be sold in second hand market at attractive prices.

5. Compared to the other countertops, they can easily be re-worked to fit the size of your kitchen. Only a minimum amount of labour is required to do the customization. The others types of countertops such as granite are labour intensive and require a lot of time for completing the customization work.

Disadvantages of using Kitchen quartz worktops:

Though it has several benefits, there are a few downsides involved in installing Quartz countertops. The installation requires highly skilled technicians who have worked on a number of quartz installations. It is very risky if one wants to try installing this all by one self. The second drawback is the heaviness of the countertop. When families relocate to a different place by buying a new home in a different location and if they want to carry these kitchen quartz worktops, they need to take the help of special service providers who charge premium rates.

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