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Analysis on the trend of sanitary ware industry in six countries in the world in 2015

by:KingKonree     2021-05-23

Each country has its own unique culture, and different nationalities have different influences on design trends and cultural creativity. Below, let’s interpret the trends of sanitary wares in various countries along with Jiuzheng Sanitary Ware Network!

United States: The luxurious master bathroom is very popular

What is the most fashionable and luxurious lifestyle in the United States? A Rolls Royce, a single-family villa, and red wine. It is far from satisfying the redefinition of luxury in American hearts. Enjoyment, comfort, and coziness, everything is hidden in the master bedroom of the American homeowner. The popularity of villa bathrooms in North America and the ingenuity of the master bathroom have made the master bathroom as precious as the crown jewel. Real estate agents pointed out that in cities like New York, the demand for luxury bathrooms is growing rapidly. There are not a few apartments with hundreds of square meters of space. Open bathroom setup, oval bathroom, located in the center, domineering, large and beautiful space, enough to accommodate a kitchen-sized sink and luxurious shower set beyond your imagination, bright colors embellished prosperous, highlighting the noble polish A slight modification of chromium can create a modern urban look.

Analysis on the fashion trends of the sanitary ware industry in six countries in the world in 2015

Japan: small but beautiful, traditional bathtubs are still popular

and in Asia , The lifestyle is completely different. Bathroom space is usually relatively small. Japan has a small territory, and living space is limited in a big city like Tokyo. The bathroom is practical and beautiful. Modern Japanese bathrooms are still dominated by white, and the style is simple and exquisite. The traditional sitting bathtub is still popular in the city, and the Japanese are used to showering before taking a bath. The toilet and the bathroom are separate spaces. One is a manifestation of the value of practical functionalism, while the small and beautiful bathtub setting is a special erotic tone created by the Yamato clan in a limited space.

China: Flower decoration quietly rises

In China's metropolis, people usually live in the middle zone of Chinese and Western cultures, where they are integrated and intermingled. Their existing values u200bu200band aesthetics are influenced by Europe. But the symbolic way of expressing wealth is as 'blatant' as in Russia, India, and the Arab region. The bathtub is usually decorated with golden yellow accessories to symbolize wealth and strength. It is a consistent method of embodying the dignity of Asian emperorship. However, the elegant style brought by flower decoration art has also quietly become popular. The freedom of pursuing the natural colors of Western Europeans is also fully expressed. But it is also another style.

Australia: the original ecology, wooden bath products are favored

Sydney pays attention to sustainable aesthetics: it tends to use natural materials and integrates practicality and luxury. On the east coast of Australia, private houses and apartments are influenced by many cultures. The open home structure design, straight, slender furniture lines blend the interior design styles of the United States, Europe and Asia. In addition to standard white accessories, bathroom accessories, wooden bathroom cabinets and handmade bricks with fresh and light colors can also be seen everywhere in the bathroom. The color follows the classic color collocation, and is integrated into the environment, reflecting the close connection between modern urban life in Australia and the surrounding environment.

Brazil: The shower head should be designed to be 'splash-proof'

Due to the high crime rate, the exterior structure of São Paulo’s houses is full of self-protection. In the protected area, special house structures are concealed. If you don't observe them carefully, you won't even be able to identify them normally. However, the hot climate and the growth under the tropical rainforest climate have shaped the eclectic temperament of South Americans. The Brazilians are open to the bathroom structure, and the size of the bathroom will surprise you. In terms of materials, natural stone, traditional tile mosaics, and dark wood floors are integrated into a minimalist style. In fact, it is still Brazilians yearning for nature. It is worth mentioning that Brazilians love large shower heads, so designers have to A splash-proof design is required.

Germany: Bathrooms are the masters with 'names'

Let’s talk about German fashion trends again. Take, for example, a villa in Bad Honnef, which has no fewer than four bathrooms. Room bathroom with children's bathroom accessories. The master bathroom is turned into a spa, and carefully selected bathroom accessories create a warm and comfortable feeling. Each bathroom has its own name and functions. In addition, it is mainly white with straight lines. The German bathroom is clear at a glance. [Follow the WeChat public account 'Jiuzheng Sanitary Ware Network'; follow with surprises, scan the code to check: The female bathroom suddenly caught fire, and then...Jiuzheng Sanitary Ware Network Exchange Group: 106480952]

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