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by:KingKonree     2020-08-22

What are fused glass tile blocks? How are they made?

This product combines the beauty of decorative glass art with the strength, structure and security of blocks. These tiles are individually hand crafted by glass artisans. The tiles are made by fusing layers of colored and clear glass in a kiln at a temperature greater than 1400 degrees. Since the tiles use real colored glass they won't fade or delaminate like inexpensive units. The tiles are available in 73 transparent, 46 opaque and custom dichroic and iridescent colors. Once the tiles are made they are fused to the glass blocks in any type of custom design.

Where can these art blocks be used?

The short answer is virtually anywhere - but here are the most common places these accent blocks are used.

BathroomShower Wall or Window- Since the blocks add privacy and have the strength and structure to work in wet room areas these accent tiles are frequently added to a bath wall or window project. You might consider randomly placing the units inside the wall or window or creating a stripe, diamond or checkerboard pattern.

KitchenWindow, Transom, Bar or Backsplash - Kitchens are undoubtedly a central room in the house for your family and entertaining. Since light, looks and ease of clean up are important features in kitchen products glass block walls and windows have grown in popularity. Now you can add tile accent blocks to a window/kitchen backsplash, as an island bar or for a separation wall inside an open floor plan.

Front door, hallway or foyer- Nothing makes as a big a statement to visitors as your front door. Most homeowners want the front door to be inviting, but also to be secure as well. To combine style with function consider using the blocks as a sidelite or transom and then accenting the installation with the fused tiles.

Den or Study- In a den you'll want a space that is private and where you can be productive. If your study is on the side of the house you can combine a desire for privacy and style by using these decorative accent units in your windows.

Commercial interior partition walls - Maybe you're looking for a unique conference room or partition wall for your business. You can create an easy to maintain, dramatic look with a straight or curved glass block wall which is accentuated with either colored, frosted, etched or tile blocks.

What designs, sizes and colors are available?

The advantage to adding these tile units is customization and creativity. Use the designs, sizes and color options discussed below to make the perfect compliment for your space:

Design options- These tiles can be placed in virtually any design layout on the blocks and more variations can be created by using different sized tiles. The most common layouts include placing the fused tiles in the center, on a diagonal, or in a right angle design.

Size options - Choose from 1' x 1', 2' x 2', 3' x 3', 4' x 4', 5' x 5' and 6' x 6' sizes.

Color options - You can choose one color, three color or 8 color retro designs within the same tile. The tiles are available in 73 transparent, 46 opaque and custom dichroic and iridescent colors.

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