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carrigaline\'s prince of tides

by:KingKonree     2020-04-30
Although the ovanubi estuary is beautiful, it is not an ideal place for swimming.
At least not upstream.
It\'s muddy there when it\'s low tide, and you might find yourself and a few mute swans in a ridiculous turf war, which is very positive when angry, not as proactive as their name suggests.
The late Dennis Doyle of the Doyle shipping group solved the problem when he purchased tideway, an independent house located on the banks of the estuary outside the kaligalin.
He is built in an indoor heated pool where you can inspire the swan\'s envy in perfect safety and comfort.
The former owner of the House has made the garden bigger by taking back a little land from the mouth of the river, and has won a more significant victory in the lawn war.
It was reported to have happened in the 1960 s when local authorities were more likely to forgive land plundering and other similar shenanigans.
You won\'t get away with it now, unless a large number of waterfowl and planning officials are involved in a fierce battle.
Reclamation created wonders for the garden of the house as it now has 0.
On an acre of land on the waterfront, there are 6 steps to the river bank to provide a private berth for your boat.
After expansion and renovation, under the supervision of an architect, tideway now covers an area of 5,500 square feet with a wide groundfloor layout.
The living room is on the first floor with views of the estuary, almost all connected to each other, so you can invite dozens of people to the party and let them circle around the house and the garden, meet and forget over and over again.
There is a beam ceiling and asphalt pine floor in the entrance hall, and an arch on the left leads to the main reception room.
This is a living room with the length of the House, double
Aspects and measurements are slightly lower than 25ft from 19ft.
On a cold night there was a white marble fireplace with a French door leading to the terrace when the weather was good.
And then it\'s an open-
Plan kitchen, living room and dining room-
Again, run the length of the house and open to the greenhouse.
The living area has a cast iron fireplace and a door to the covered patio outside, while the kitchen is the kitchen-
Style: with Belfast sink, granite countertops, breakfast bar
In the dresser with wine rack
By modern standards, the kitchen is small, about 9ft to 19ft, but many of its features have been outsourced to other places --
Food storage room and glove Room on hold.
There is also a breakfast room or living room at the back of the house, which has sliding doors for a large conservatory, about 25 to 14 feet.
Overlooking the mouth of the back, this can also lead to the swimming pool on one side.
In addition, an interior corridor of aerial lighting leads to two single rooms
Floor increase-
Pool and pool room.
The pool is 11 m long and heated and filtered with a wood paneled ceiling that reduces noise and heat.
The pool room, about 20ft by 18ft, also has wooden ceilings. On the first-
Landing, French doors on the balcony.
The four bedrooms are on this level and the two are equipped with a strong shower.
The main bathroom on the first floor is equipped with a pressurized shower and a Jacuzzi.
The garden in front has a lawn and a copper fountain, and when the house faces south, there is a terrace to get the best sunshine in the afternoon.
Thanks to the mature trees at the front border and a pair of rather forbidden trees, you have great privacy there --
Electric gate.
There is another terrace in the back garden, a lawn and, of course, a berth for boating, fishing and swimming on the river in the afternoon. . .
Or quarrel with the Swan.
The property is located on cross shaven Road outside Carrigaline, also known as Strand Road.
It takes about 15 minutes to walk from here to the city center, while Cork City takes half an hour\'s drive.
The house is about 350 East and is the starting point for a Caribbean walk to crosswain, a 5-
A kilometer-long riverside stroll along the route of the old railway, which briefly connected two towns between 1904 and 1932.
Along the way, you will pass by Drake\'s pool, where Sir Francis Drake is said to have evaded the Spanish Armada, but never stayed.
The habit is to have lunch in crosswain and go back.
Price of Carrigaline, Co Corkask: 950,000 euro agent: Shirley fitzgerrard odnovan (021)
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