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China's product sales are great, and at present

by:KingKonree     2020-07-25
First, the new requirements for sanitary ware products Currently, according to international market access standards, where domestic sanitary ware exports, must meet the ISO90000 international quality system certification. Furthermore, we need an international standard adoption certificate, a number of exports to the U.S. certification mark for national accreditation and standards of products. To direct export to Europe and the United States and other Western developed countries, then one should always pay attention to product standards in these countries, and at any time of the occurrence of barriers to trade requirements and changes. Must continue to improve the technical content of export products, to continue to improve the grade and value-added export products. Perhaps this trend will remain for quite some time. Therefore, sanitary ware manufacturer in the organization of new product development and export expansion, you should attach great importance to this characteristic. Second, trends in species diversity The concept of sanitary ware products, far past the traditional idea of a breakthrough. As a symbol of modern luxury living products, its entry into people's lives. That not only has the health and cleaning, should also include health functions, enjoy the features and entertainment. In function, the only way of sanitary cleaning products appeared in the spin thrust, silent type, Xie Chong-style, in straight sets type, siphon, jet and so on. In recent years, sanitary ware products have also introduced additional traffic calming bath, cabinet basin, steam room and other features of a package of products. Therefore, the future, sanitary ware market will show the trend of species diversity is self-evident. Third, the comprehensive product features become more prominent Consumers shopping in accordance with international market psychology, a good sanitary products, must be able to meet the modern way of life, to have the more complete the feature. This requires a new generation of products, be able to make full use of biotechnology, electronics, sensor technology and other comprehensive high-tech achievements will be supporting the combination of new features to enhance the comprehensive functions of sanitary ceramic products and in-kind quality. 4, with a strong decorative colors In the past, people use the sanitary ware products, often embellished with white glaze, to show its white jade look. But the color of cold adjustment Queshi many people feel uncomfortable. It is now widely recognized by various opaque white glaze based, in addition to other colors and shades of product appearance. Ware companies should use a variety of co-ordination between glaze to create a variety of popular new decorative colors. Sanitary ware products in the color from time to time to show leadership on the popular new wave of visual function. Aesthetic perspective as people constantly update and rapidly changing market demands at home and abroad, we must accelerate the development of a new generation of glaze decoration varieties and new colors decorative products. In recent years, new sanitary ware such as a new emerging pink, dark red, light blue, dark blue, bottle green, pumpkin yellow, pale apricot, tender bamboo, black and other colors of the decoration is very favored by the consumers Fifth, should the construction of a sound manufacturing base accessories International sanitary ware production has been implicated in the developed countries the production chain to produce a large number of accessories. Thus, a mature sanitary ware industry, should be more varieties of accessories and additional capacity to support the product. Such as sanitary ware production system with many closely linked to raw materials, glazes, pigments, model, machine, apparatus, meters, copper live, and the production of packaging and decorating materials, should be included as soon as possible to the whole production system. Therefore, production of sanitary ware industry in China is very urgent need for a complete as soon as possible, and sanitary ceramics production-related industry groups and supporting groups to form fit with the end product with all relevant accessories products processing base. In short, our bathroom products business development of new products, the industry must quickly rational allocation of resources, timely integration of resources. Continue to focus on the new demands of the international market well, understand the trends in developed countries, new product development, business is still doing a good job for a very important matter, and that to know the direction of development.
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