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Common kitchen cabinet countertop materials which is better

by:KingKonree     2021-04-21

There are many materials that can be used as countertops. Here is a comparison of the most common cabinet countertop materials on the market in order to help you when choosing a suitable countertop for your home.

Natural stone marble cabinet countertops

Rich in color, soft texture, natural and diverse textures, easy to cut or carve into shape.

Because it is naturally formed, the fine loose cracks are easy to break. Because the stone is a porous material structure, if dirt and sewage infiltrate during production, transportation or construction, it is difficult to clean and easy to crack. In daily cleaning, it is inevitable that some residues and dirt will fill in the cracks as the wipes are wiped, and become a breeding ground for bacteria. During the long process of natural stone formation in nature, due to the presence of heavy metal substances, there will be more or less radiation, which may cause harm to human health.

Artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone is currently a very popular countertop material, it is divided into two types: seamless and seam . There are obvious traces of gaps when glued with seam artificial stone glue, and its anti-scratch performance and strong acid-base resistance are slightly worse. The price ranges from 300 yuan/meter to 400 yuan/meter. The seamless artificial stone uses a material called methyl methacrylate, which is rich in patterns and integrally formed, with no traces at the joints, and can be repeatedly polished and refurbished. General stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth or detergent, but strong chemical agents such as paint remover, acetone-containing delustering water, pine perfume, and acid-containing plumbing cleaner can damage it and cause stains. A severe impact will form dents on the surface. The price is different between domestic and imported. Domestic seamless artificial stone is priced from 1,200 yuan/meter to 1,500 yuan/meter, while DuPont Corian’s price is around 3,000 yuan/meter.

Tempered glass countertop

Tempered glass is resistant to high temperatures and has average abrasion resistance. It is relatively easy to clean. It can also be back painted Or the paint can be customized into different colors. Easy to clean, smooth and transparent visual effect. However, the material itself is relatively brittle, not resistant to impact, and local high temperature is also more dangerous.

Concrete countertops

are artificial stone materials, which are characterized by good strength and durability. Because they are cast, they can be molded into various shapes as needed. Many people like the natural simplicity of concrete materials and the sense of industrial machinery. After pouring into shape, the table top can be polished smoothly and can be used as the countertop of the cabinet. It can be poured into various shapes, and the price is cheap. It is not easy to clean, and the rough surface of the material will also contain dirt.

Stainless steel countertop

Bright, clean and bright, with excellent performance, high temperature resistance and easy to clean. However, the stainless steel material is not easy to change, and it is difficult to handle the corners of the cabinet countertop. The vision is modern, easy to clean, and practical. However, stainless steel countertops are not wear-resistant and will age over time.

Here I still want to remind the owners and friends that in order to increase the service life of the cabinet, please don’t try to buy some cheap countertops. It is to have a more in-depth understanding of the relevant knowledge of countertop materials, shop around for comprehensive consideration before purchasing.

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